Taiwan media: Taiwan light commercial vehicle sales soar

Reference News Network reported on October 29. According to Taiwan’s “Economic Daily” report on October 27, the sales of light commercial vehicles on the island have increased significantly. In recent years, SUVs were once the models with the largest growth rate in Taiwan’s auto market. However, due to the shortage of the main model RAV4 this year, the market share of SUVs has decreased, and commercial vehicles have sprung up, which is the model with the largest growth rate. As of late October, light commercial vehicle sales have increased by 47% over the same period last year, and are expected to continue to expand next year.

According to the report, the industry pointed out that the use of commercial vehicles is becoming more and more diverse. In addition to the typical main purpose of carrying goods, passenger and trucks are also increasingly used in the fields of leisure and camping. With the dual advantages of performance and price, the market size of light commercial vehicles in Taiwan reached 19,000 units last year, and has reached 20,500 units so far this year, and it is expected to further increase next year.

According to reports, the commercial vehicle market was originally dominated by the island’s brand “Zhonghua Automobile”. Due to the stable market, Hotai Motor and Hyundai Motor have been attracted to actively participate. With the participation of various players, the scale of commercial vehicles is expected to be further expanded.

According to the report, there are currently about 390,000 light commercial vehicles on the island that are over 14 years old. It is expected that with the involvement of more brands and models, existing car owners will be attracted to exchange and the market will expand rapidly.