Tactical system, put three out? The most stable fifth personality team teaches you how to play auxiliary roles

In the fifth personality, there are some survivor characters who are personally restrained, and appear very weak when fighting alone. In some cases, they are even regarded as the primary breakthrough target by the supervisor. However, with the perfect tactical system and the assistance of teammates, it is usually possible to use exclusive props to play a role, subtly change the rhythm of the battle, and finally win the game for teammates.

That’s right! I believe some friends have already guessed that these survivors are usually called “auxiliary positions”. The protagonist of this time is among them – the mortuary. After many adjustments, the burial master can often play a role in turning things around on the big map or when facing supervisors who lack the ability to move/control the field. Using skills to remotely relocate teammates who are on the chair to uninjured rescue is the most special rescue method in the manor, and it is often more effective in opening battles. When you are targeted and pursued in the early stage, you can also escape the secondary containment by yourself after getting in the chair, and your teammates can take the opportunity to decipher it quickly.

The other protagonist is usually listed as a restraining position, but in the recent fifth personality arena, she can often use her own props to assist her teammates, she is a dancer. The dancer’s auxiliary ability is mainly due to the limitation of the deceleration music box on the supervisor. On some terrain or the only way to contain teammates, place the deceleration music box between the unfinished boards, and then put the board down. The supervisor must destroy the board at a slow speed. Then slowly destroy the music box to achieve the effect of delaying time. There is also the operation of putting the box first, waiting for the supervisor to destroy the box and then removing the board, and the supervisor of the show is numb.

On the second day of the second week of the fifth personality 2022IVL autumn game, FPX.ZQ played against MRC. The MRC Survivor camp played three games in three games. When necessary, the regulators were strong to keep the bottom line and finally won the game. The stable performance of MRC Survivor will maximize the role of the system, which is impressive.

In the first half of the first game, facing FPX.ZQ_D’s unique skills, MRC took out the dancers and the mortuary at the same time. At the beginning, Bang Bang finds and targets the mortuary division with weak containment ability, and uses accurate bombs to quickly knock it down. However, the teammates outside the field were not affected by the supervisor at all, and the mortuary returned to life by himself. Under the action of slowing down the music box, the forward seized the opportunity and knocked Bang Bang unconscious, dragging out the turning point for the mortuary. In this way, the undertaker even left the heartbeat range! The follow-up was forced to change the chase, but the survivors quickly deciphered the cipher machine, and Bang Bang flashed to close the distance, but only one person was left.

In this game, Bang Bang chose the mortuary as a breakthrough. Even though his skills were very accurate, the mortuary saved himself after the first wave of seats. With the help of the dancer’s decelerating music box and the striker, he directly interrupted the supervisor’s rhythm. Generally speaking, Bang Bang is strong in the guard seat, and the rescue position is stronger than the mercenary, and he cannot guarantee that he will retreat completely. However, in this round of MRC, the special rescue role of the mortuary was chosen, which was considered to be aimed at Bangbang. The dancer’s deceleration music box also played an important role. The mortuary passed by many times, but Bangbang wanted to destroy it, but there was no chance. Even after being decelerated in a wave, he was knocked out by the striker for a long time, giving him a headache, and he was ultimately unable to recover.

In the following two rounds, the MRC Survivor members also cooperated closely and played brilliantly. Since the autumn competition, many teams have changed their faces, and their game records have been impressive. MRC has also joined in and won two consecutive victories. I look forward to the teams continuing to maintain their momentum and bring exciting games in the future!