T1 took away two LPL teams in a row, the official issued a text to praise Faker, LCK fans cheered

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The exciting S12 event is still in progress. For LPL fans, this S12 is full of regrets. After JDG was eliminated by T1, the LPL team said goodbye. It is a repeat of the LCK league, T1 against GEN, anyway, it is difficult for DRX to win GEN, although all members of T1 hope that DRX will win.

To be honest, this result is unacceptable to the LPL fans. After all, the four major teams in the LPL expedition this time are all very strong. JDG, TES, EDG, RNG, both in terms of strength and experience, are not lost. Unfortunately, they really lost in the end. In the new crown, due to the illness, the effect of the training game was greatly reduced. The LPL team really tried its best. Fans, please be considerate, just hope that you are healthy.

In fact, the most unacceptable thing for the old LPL fans is that after so many years, the T1 with Faker is still the nightmare of the LPL. It is too uncomfortable. You must know that T1 has taken away two LPL teams in a row, and they are both big scores. Only After losing a small game, T1 is still strong. Taking away RNG and JDG, T1 has made a great contribution to the first throne of LKC.

Anyway, the official post after the game praised Faker. He is really the best e-sports player, the first player in LOL, no doubt, there is also hope of winning the championship this time, which is not small. After so many years, Faker’s perseverance is really It’s admirable, if it wasn’t for MSI’s remarks, Faker could actually retire, and now he can only have one more nickname.

In the LCK civil war in the finals, the LCK fans naturally cheered and shouted the slogan LPL Down. In fact, from another point of view, the LPL has been really strong in recent years and suppressed the LCK. Otherwise, after the LCK victory this time , LCK fans won’t be so happy, too many years of backlog.

As an old fan, I still hope that Faker will win the championship perfectly, but as an LPL fan, I would rather hope that GEN or DRX will win than T1.

Looking forward to the finals.

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