T1 eliminated JDG and returned to the final after five years, and LPL recorded the worst result in the S competition in the past five years

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On October 30th, Beijing time, the first game of the 2022 Global Finals semi-finals will be played by LPL No. 1 seed JDG against LCK No. 2 seed T1. In addition to the obvious gap between the top three sides, especially the bottom lane, and T1’s operation and pulling skills are superior, JDG failed to hear the BO5 “battle song”, and finally T1 let one chase three out of JDG to advance to the final! This is also the first time that an LPL team has missed the S final since S8.

In the first two rounds, both sides showed the signature styles of their respective divisions: JDG was full of toughness in the first round. Although T1 played a big advantage in the mid-term, JDG’s double-C two-five-five operations were full, relying on team battles. In the second round of T1, Zhongyong Engariz’s double-single-belt pulling system made it impossible for JDG to prevent and successfully equalized the score. Although the crocodile of 369 in the third round single-killed Captain Zeus twice, and also single-killed Faker’s Ryze once in the mid-term, the T1 bot lane selected “Luna” for three consecutive rounds and suppressed it from the laning period. JDG went down the road. In the fourth game, Gumayusi’s Varus played a gorgeous KDA of 9/0. In the end, T1 defeated JDG with one chase and three to advance to the final.

The second game of the semi-final on October 31st was the “LCK Civil War” – GEN against DRX, so this year the LCK division will inevitably win the S12 championship and runner-up, and the LPL division has ushered in the worst result in the S competition since 2018: S8, S9, S11 three years LPL won the championship, S10 World Championship SN also won the runner-up, this year LPL only won the top four. In addition, judging from the number of top four teams, there are still two LPL teams, WE and RNG, in the top four of S7. This year, only JDG has advanced to the top four in the LPL, which can be described as another “dark moment” in the LPL division.

This year, the LCK division recaptured the glory of the “first division” with its strength – all four teams advanced to the top eight, and LCK’s win rate against LPL in the knockout round was 100%: DK did not meet the LPL team, but was eliminated by GEN ;T1 first smashed RNG and then broke JDG, making the fourth “LCK civil war” in the history of the S competition. The first three T1 won two championships and one runner-up. The only runner-up was S7 thanks to GEN’s predecessor, SSG. In the final of the reunion, I wonder if Faker can complete his revenge and win the fourth S championship trophy in his career?