T1 defeated JDG to advance to the finals, Faker laughed, and his teammates confided: I hope DRX beats GEN

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The exciting S12 event is still going on, and everyone who is concerned about the schedule knows that this is a semi-final matchup. In order to compete for tickets to the finals, the top four teams will do their best. This time it is the duel between JDG and T1. As the only hope of the LPL, netizens hope that JDG can win, otherwise the throne of the first division of the LPL will be lost. After all, if JDG is eliminated, the finals will become the LCK civil war , boring.

But he did whatever he was afraid of. He was really happy when he saw Faker’s smirk after the game. After all, he came to the World Championships finals again after so many years. Faker proved what a legendary player is, too strong.

Aside from his well-known nickname, Faker played really well this time. The commentators all said bluntly that Faker feels like he has returned to the peak. nightmare.

For T1, after defeating JDG, we are now looking forward to the result of another semi-final. GEN and DRX, anyway, when T1 players were interviewed after the game, they were very direct and expressed their true thoughts, that is, I hope DRX will defeat GEN. .

At this time, T1 does not need to consider the honor of the division. Anyway, they are all LCK teams. Since they want to play, they must choose to play DRX. Winning the championship is the king. If they face GEN again, maybe GEN will make Faker cry. Faker wanted to finish this time perfectly after reaching the top.

However, it is estimated that Faker thinks too much. GEN will basically advance to the finals. DRX is indeed not GEN’s opponent. After all, in the LCK league, GEN beats DRX, and even T1 is beaten by GEN. I still hope that GEN will win , Although T1 is very powerful this time, there are many tactics.

Anyway, JDG has been eliminated, and now I hope that it will not be T1 to win the championship.

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