T1 advanced to the finals, the audience filmed Faker’s first perspective, the screen cut is too outrageous

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The S12 exciting event is still in progress. Anyway, this S12, LPL fans have nothing to look forward to. After all, the No. 1 seed JDG went home and was eliminated by T1 three-to-one. Faker led T1. LPL’s nightmare, how many years, Faker is really admirable, anyway, this time against three LPL teams, all T1 had the last laugh, and sent RNG and JDG home, MSI’s revenge, Faker all revenge.

It is undeniable that what this T1 team has shown is so worth learning from the LPL team. After watching this World Championship, the biggest feeling is that there is nothing new in LPL, but LCK has it, and it changes every time. This is the most important thing. The most important thing, I dare not think about how much the LCK’s combat readiness savings is, and I dare to use it.

In fact, LCK really knew how to deal with LPL from the beginning. They knew that LPL was famous for fighting, and then they took various measures from BP, and they were successful every time.

It is worth mentioning that the audience at the scene also released Faker’s first perspective. It was really outrageous to see Brother Li’s famous screen cut. Almost the interface rarely stayed on himself, and he looked back and forth every way. Is this supervising the performance of teammates?

Some netizens also joked and bluntly said that the teammates estimated that if they missed a cannon car, they would be warned by Faker with a question mark, which is very exaggerated.

I still want to congratulate T1, and congratulations to Faker. It is one step away from returning to the top, but it is also the most difficult. It is very likely that GEN will make Faker cry again. Anyway, the T1 players have bluntly said that they hope that DRX will defeat GEN, which is very real.

I also hope that the LPL fans will hold on. UZI has explained the game. Every time he smiles and mentions the gap in the bottom lane, UZI is silent, and it is not easy to respond.

Indeed, the LPL’s bot lane was so powerful back then, and the bot lane led by UZI also played the LPL’s reputation for being rich in AD. It’s a pity now.

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