Switch Persona 5 Royal Edition download slow/update slow solution, simple and fast

“God’s work is above, and it’s harder to make God’s work”

This is what many players are saying about the Persona 5 Royal Edition, and with such a high rating, it shows how much players recognize it. On October 21st, Persona 5 Royal Edition officially logged into the switch console, which made many NS players cheer.

According to the game display, the Switch version of Persona 5 Royal Edition requires about 12.7GB of space. This volume is very large, so many players will inevitably encounter problems such as slow game downloads and slow updates. Everyone brings hands-on teaching.

The detailed tutorial is as follows:

The first step: you need to pay attention to the small tool of the game host acceleration treasure, and the subsequent acceleration steps will be completed by it

Jingyou host acceleration treasure is a switch professional download acceleration tool that does not require acceleration boxes and software, and you can also enter the password to get free download acceleration traffic, which is a very good tool.

Step 2: Enter the password [Jingyou 666] in the dialog box of Jingyou host acceleration treasure, you can get free download acceleration traffic (pure white prostitution, really fragrant)

Step 3: After obtaining the traffic, a network tutorial will appear on the page. According to the tutorial, complete the configuration in the switch host. After completion, the download speed can take off.

The actual acceleration effect is as follows:

The above is the tutorial, let’s take a look at the speed after using the game host acceleration treasure to accelerate.

It takes 16 hours to download Persona 5 Royal Edition when the switch is naked (the network at home is 100M)

It only takes more than an hour to download the speed through the game host Accelerator. The speed increase in the middle is very obvious, and the effect can be said to be immediate.

Before the game was launched, M station gave Persona 5 Royal Edition switch version an average score of 93, which is really good. Players who like this game should not miss it, and those who like RPG games should not miss it, okay Well, I hope the above content can help you and help you solve the download problem of Persona 5 Royal Edition NS.