Swedish female anchor “World of Warcraft” “cleared”, achieved all 4481 achievements before 10.0

Recently, Annie Fuchsia, a female Warcraft player from Stockholm, Sweden, achieved a World of Warcraft record: she completed all achievements before 10.0, a total of 4481 items, becoming the most in the current version.

However, with the opening of Eve, before it was too late to appreciate, her 100% achievements fell back to 90%, because 10.0 brought hundreds of new achievements, except for some special achievements in the second stage of Eve (such as “Against the Elements”). ”), most of which will not be unlocked until the official launch of 10.0 in November.

The official server of “World of Warcraft” is dubbed “mountain world” and “achievement world” by players because many gameplays are based on collection, and the achievement of the goal of 100% achievement is equivalent to the feeling of game clearance.

Annie Fuchsia is a Warcraft anchor and original content creator. She completed the last achievement of the 9.0 era in a live event on October 24: Primal Life “Five × Ten, which requires her to be in Zarecentis. Fifty different protist creatures are created at the Prototype Forge in . This is a memorable moment, because it will open on the eve of 10.0 on October 25th (outside server time).

Annie Fuchsia’s characters have a total online time of 669 days, more than 16,000 hours. She shared a screenshot of the achievement on the forum, and the post received 17,000 likes. Annie Fuchsia is not the first player to achieve full achievements in a single expansion, but the first in the 9.0 era. Everyone congratulated her and hoped that she will continue to work hard and 10.0 will be successful again.