“Superman Monster Farm” landed on Switch and released a new NFC function test

“Superman Monster Farm” landed on Switch and released a new NFC function test

Ultraman’s new work in the classic monster development series, “Superman Monster Farm” will be released on the Switch today on October 20. At the official media meeting, foreign media brought a brand-new blockchain function experience of the game, and the NFC function was measured together to understand.

• “Superman Monster Farm” is a work commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ultraman’s birth. It is a development simulation game that integrates the gameplay of the “Monster Farm” series. The game is based on the game system of “Monster Farm” and “Monster Farm 2”, adding various monsters that Ultraman fans are very familiar with. ” monster development simulation game. In the farm where partner monsters are cultivated, players can enjoy the actions of super monsters that cannot be seen in the original “Ultraman”, such as frolic, stupefied, angry, etc.

•In addition to the traditional training, combat, and collection elements, this game is also equipped with NFC support. Through various NFC devices, players can generate their own NFC monsters, such as transportation electronic money and cards in arcade halls. Or the admission card or the employee card, etc., can be generated by sensing the NFC device through the Switch handle.

• After the demo player used 2 arcade cards of the same type to sense, they generated 2 monsters of the same type, but with slightly different ability and status values. After using the same NFC device to sense the handle, the length of the induction time is the same. Different NFC monsters will be born. After the game is released, qualified players can create the monsters they want.

• In addition, when you use the NFC function, you will also get an important item “Inheritance Biscuits”, which allows your monster to acquire the characteristics of other monsters after using it. If you are lucky, creating a super stitch monster is not a dream.