Super practical upper body strength training method, you know?

 Upper body strength plays an auxiliary role in sports. But its role cannot be ignored. Be sure to do a full 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up before exercising your muscles. In winter, it will be longer until you feel your body is hot. Here are a few groups of relatively simple and convenient but effective actions for reference only: (The specifics are subject to the actual situation of the individual). 


Common upper body strength exercises

1. Push-up exercises

Requirements: The position of the support with both hands is close to the abdomen, the body is kept on a flat surface, the support is fast up and down, and the body should not slump.

Strength: 10-20 reps per set.

2. Standing push-up exercises

Requirements: When you are in a push-up, do not touch the ground with your body, and stand up while holding your stomach. The other requirements are the same as the push-up.

Strength: 10-20 reps per set.

3. Lifting dumbbells

Requirements: Stand with both feet naturally, upper body upright, chest raised and raised, arms flexed and raised quickly and slowly lowered. Shoulders open when falling

Strength: 30-40 times per group (weight optional).

4. Dumbbell chest expansion exercises

Requirements: Stand with both feet naturally, the upper body is upright, the arms are raised straight and the chest is extended, and the body should not sway back and forth

Intensity: 10-20 times per group (weight optional).

5. Dumbbell flexion and extension exercises

Requirements: Both arms are performed at the same time or crossed, and the upper body is kept upright

Intensity: 20-30 times per group (weight optional).

6. Barbell clean and jerk exercises

Requirements: Stand with your feet naturally open or shoulder-width apart. When lifting and turning your wrists, your elbows should be lifted forward. You can walk side by side or step forward when you clean and jerk.

Intensity: 5-10 times per group (weight optional, pay attention to safety).

7. Barbell bench press exercise

Requirements: Hold the bar with both hands slightly wider than shoulders, rise quickly and fall slowly when pushing

Intensity: 4-5 times per group (weight optional, protection to help complete).

8. Pull up exercises

Requirements: Grip the bar with both hands, the width of the grip bar should be as wide as the shoulders, and the body should not swing left and right

Strength: 10-20 reps per set.

9. Practice medicine ball throwing

Requirements: be careful when practicing, group reasonably, pay attention to safety

Strength: 20-40 reps per set.


1. Usually ensure good rest and sleep, and add reasonable nutrition to the diet.

2. Eat more carbohydrates such as bread and noodles before training

3. Eat more protein foods and fruits after training to neutralize the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and help recovery.