Sun Yi wears a pink plush coat, giving people a youthful girly feeling, charming and good-looking when she smiles

Sun Yi is wearing a pink plush jacket and a pair of white casual trousers, showing her gentle and lovely smile. The station is in a remote reed room, and there is a tall reed in the background. Under the decoration of the lights, it looks like a sunset. The scenery at dusk makes the whole person feel comfortable and full of poetic feeling.

Sun Yi wears a pink plush jacket to take pictures, giving people a youthful girlish feeling, charming and good-looking when she smiles. Sun Yi in such a state reminds people of a bird who has been waiting for 15 years. This situation is like a place for migratory birds. In this elegant and quiet environment, she has found a world of her own, and her heart is wide and happy. The scenery makes people feel happy and beautiful, and makes people reluctant to leave for a long time.

Seeing this scene at this time, Sun Yi, why did netizens think of the bird fifteen years ago. Just because Sun Yi once played the role of Li Li, who was hurt by feelings in the drama “Fifteen Years Waiting for Migratory Birds”, she spent 15 years and youth waiting for her crush on her boyfriend, but the result of waiting was Pain and sadness.

In the end, Li Li in the play stayed away from the pain and started life again, looking for another piece of sky that belongs to her. She bid farewell to the pain and 15 years of emotions, and chose to rekindle her youth and passion for her dream and future. With her own efforts and sweat, she gained a story of her own sky.

Sun Yi gives the impression that she is a little girl next door, looking at her weak, people have a desire to protect. Her sweet smile can always heal people’s hearts, and her pure and pretty face walks between fashion and freshness. When she wants to go the fashion route, she has a model’s stride, and she wears fashion and sexy.

When Sun Yi wanted to wear a fresher style, she dressed like a girl, with smart facial features, showing her sweet smile, and instantly turned into the fresh and lovely side of the girl next door.

Sun Yi has the cheeks of a young girl, she looks full of vitality, full of the breath of a young girl, and she looks like a heartbeat.

However, in real life, Sun Yi is regarded as a female star who got married and had children earlier. She married Dong Zijian when she was 24 years old. The two lived together for 7 years. Unfortunately, after 7 years of love life, they finally got divorced. .

After the divorce, Sun Yi became more mature and stable, and it also made her sober in the world. In her worldview, women can’t rely on anyone, they have to rely on their own efforts to win. Now she is more professional and has been working hard to move forward and fight for the life she wants.