Sumeru hides the map? The Genshin Impact builds a desert golden city, netizens: You are the sacrifice of the Red King!

Speaking of the desert map of Genshin Impact 3.1, how do you feel about it? For us ordinary players, it’s probably just fun. Watching the scarab push ball is fun, drawing circles in the desert is fun, and interacting with the desert giant is fun. For the dust song pot players in Yuanshen, the new map of Yuanshen is not only interesting, but also gives them more room to use their imagination, because they can finally make more pleasing works in the pot.

For example, the UP master “Feng-Xiaochen”, the famous original Shenchen song pot player, successfully built a desert golden city in the pot with the help of various architectural drawings given in the desert. When the boss shot the golden city through the mirror, many people thought that this was the official Xumi hidden map, a desert relic that he had not yet explored. Some netizens said that this dust song pot boss must be a sacrifice to the Red King. After all, there is no Red King in his heart. How could it be possible to find such a magnificent building?

However, if you have seen the previous works of this UP, you will know that this is really just his regular operation. This UP can not only be a desert golden city, but also transform the main house into a Tianshou Pavilion in the dust song pot. And the big guy also specially published a tutorial to guide players how to build it. If it is said that he is a sacrifice to the Red King, then General Thunder and Lightning will definitely be unhappy when he sees it.

Of course, the “original pot” players are very open-minded in terms of creativity. Restoring buildings or creating buildings is just their daily life. They can also be unique when it comes to tidying up. For example, the UP master “Lun Lian_”, he used a stone to squeeze an Ultraman in the dust song pot. In addition, the UP also used the special effects of Ye Lan’s running to make it feel like light. After watching the performance of the UP, the Yuanshen player said that he did not know if boiling the UP into soup would revive the giant.

Not only that, some players are also trying to build a viewing bridge in the Dust Song Pot, and they are trying to complete the first industrial revolution in Tivat. Looking at the masterpieces of these original pot bosses and the imagination that broke through the sky, I don’t know what Yuanshen players think. It is estimated that many of them have already sacrificed their knees like me. To be able to play the open world like MC, it can only be said that the gap between the boss and our ordinary players is indeed so big.

So, I don’t know what your dust song pot is like? Is it the famous “Lion Parking Room” or a cluttered rough house? Welcome to post your own pictures of the dust song pot, let us admire the strength of the big guy.