Suffering from repeated neck pain? Share 3 golden exercises for you to effectively relieve

Have you ever been in this situation? Sitting at work for a long time will feel like a ten-pound stone is hanging on the neck and shoulders; while swiping the phone for a while, the neck will be sore and uncomfortable.

Statistics show that 80% of people will experience shoulder and neck pain in their lifetime.

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1. The causes of neck pain

Most of these neck and shoulder problems are related to poor posture. A protective adaptation occurs due to muscle imbalances.

This can explain why many people find abnormalities in the structure of the cervical spine after going to the hospital for X-rays, but they do not have any symptoms, because the essence of chronic neck pain is a muscle imbalance syndrome.

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The emergence of chronic neck pain often reminds us of the decline in the muscle strength of the cervical spine. When the neck is bowed, the superficial sternocleidomastoid muscle is overactivated, which makes the sternocleidomastoid muscle and scalene muscle easily fatigued.

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In addition to this problem, when we move our upper limbs, the upper trapezius muscle is also overactivated, and the upper trapezius muscle starts from the cervical spine. The overactivation of the upper trapezius muscle will raise the height of the scapula, thereby increasing the pressure on the cervical spine, and also The muscular balance of the shoulder girdle is broken.

The above problems often occur when we sit at desks and play with mobile phones in our daily life, and maintaining bad posture for a long time will aggravate this muscle imbalance.

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2. How to treat chronic neck pain?

In the treatment of chronic neck pain, in addition to manipulative therapy and bone-setting reduction to relieve symptoms, it is also necessary to cooperate with neck and scapular exercises.

It should be reminded that the benefits of massage alone for chronic neck pain are still controversial.

It is suggested that everyone pay attention to their own posture (keep the neck straight), and at the same time strengthen the exercise of the neck muscles to improve the strength and endurance of the neck posture muscles and maintain the normal function of the neck. Combined to reduce the dysfunction of the neck and shoulder muscles, so that the state of the entire neck is more stable.

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3. What kind of exercise can you do for chronic neck pain?

Below, recommend 3 neck movements that can be practiced at home:

1. W sports

Stand and hold the ends of the activation strap with both hands. Tighten your core, lift it above your head and then pull it down to form the letter W. Be careful not to touch the body with the activation belt. Do 3 sets every day for 10 sets.

2. Activate with positive direction

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your eyes looking straight ahead. Tighten your core, insert your hands and fingers into the rope loops at both ends of the activation belt, and place them back at shoulder level. Use the contraction force of the activation belt to drive the arms and try to clamp the scapula backward. Each clamp is 2 times, and each group is 10 times. Do 3 groups every day.

3. Press the towel under the pillow statically

Lie on your back, step on the bed with your knees bent, and place a thin towel under the back of your head. At the beginning, while doing the slight nodding movement, press the back pillow down and stabilize the towel below to do static confrontation, last for 30 seconds, keep natural breathing, and do 3 groups every day.

For the frequency and duration of the above exercises, it is recommended that you do 2-3 times a week, 12 minutes each time, and persist for at least two months before feeling whether the neck discomfort is relieved.