Strong alliance! PDD and Peng Yuchang opened a new high in the popularity of the black innovation platform, and the pattern of gold masters behind it has opened

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Netizens who like to watch movies and TV series should be very familiar with this young man. After all, he has too many excellent works. With his good acting skills and super affinity, this sunny boy is gradually becoming more and more popular. He is well known and loved by many people, and yes, he is actor Peng Yuchang.

Netizens who follow Peng Yuchang know that Peng Yuchang also celebrated his birthday recently. It is worth mentioning that this birthday, Peng Yuchang chose a different way, that is, live broadcast with fans. , have a heart. It’s really good to get closer to fans again through live broadcast.

In addition, Peng Yuchang’s birthday live broadcast this time, there are big moves, not just simple chat, but also playing games. Since it is playing games, there must be big guys to help out. This time, the big guys are all of you. Very familiar, that is PDD, the veteran game anchor who smoked the first person in reverse.

This time, the two of them have been hacking together forever. What I didn’t expect is that Peng Yuchang’s game skills are still so high. You must know that the game of Eternal Tribulation is very particular about operation and cooperation. During fierce battles, some players will feel dizzy, but Peng Yuchang plays very well. It seems that he is another game god who was delayed by acting. what.

The live broadcast of Peng Yuchang and PDD’s live broadcast has also created a new high in the platform’s popularity. Seeing this gorgeous data, I can only say that the powerful alliance is really too strong. This kind of cross-border dream linkage is really The more the better.

No, the gold master pattern behind it is also open. As the first guild in the game, the live broadcast of Little Elephant Big Goose and Peng Yuchang was very successful. Little Elephant Big Goose also determined the direction of future expansion. You can see it later. More such fantastic linkage is wonderful.

The influence of PDD, Da Sima, Menglei, eggplant and other great anchors, the influence of the little elephant and the big goose is self-evident, and it will be more linked with the entertainment circle in the future, which makes people look forward to it. By the way, which star do you want to see Da Sima collaborate with? It must be fun.

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