Strange World: Soulstorm coming to Nintendo Switch in late October

Strange World: Soul Storm, which will be released on PC and PS platforms as early as 2021, will soon land on the Nintendo Switch platform. Today (October 20), the publisher of this game, Microids, announced that the Switch version of Strange World: Soul Storm will be released. It will be available in Europe as early as October 27.

In Strange World: Soulstorm, players will take on the role of Abi from Mudokon, a heroic character who, by chance, becomes the leader of the revolution.

Soulstorm is the second game in “quintology”. Players will experience grand animation content in the game, as well as a bizarre 2.9D environment. The new perspective will bring greater scale and action, as well as added depth and immersion.

When players explore the 2.9D environment, they can find necessary resources by pickpocketing enemies, robbing storage facilities, etc. Players can also redeem products they can use at vending machines. Additionally, players can also offer items to their followers.