Stitching the old man ring + Zelda’s open world, what do you want to do in the mobile game against the water?

Stitching the old man ring + Zelda’s open world, what do you want to do in the mobile game against the water?

“Open world” has undoubtedly become the cusp and traffic password of the game industry in recent years, and excellent works such as “Breath of the Wild” and “Ayrden Circle” have emerged one after another. Previously, the official mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” claimed that it would “learn from “Elden’s Circle”, “Zelda”, “Genshin Impact” and Big Cousin” to construct a grand open world of martial arts. However, since the game is still in the development stage, and the official has only announced a limited demonstration of the real machine, this roaring speech has been questioned by players. And after the first small-scale online test recently, we had the opportunity to see how the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” developed by the so-called “the largest team in NetEase’s history” has submitted an answer to the “open world” proposition.

Real and natural interaction, detailed element reaction, this is very “Zelda”

In the open world of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, the most ingenious thing is the interaction of different natural elements. Most game mechanics follow the laws of nature and life experience, encouraging players to develop their brains and use physics engines and chemical reactions to solve problems, including puzzle solving, combat, exploration, and more.

In the open world of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, this has been well presented. Taking fishing as an example, in addition to the common sense of fishing and catching in the water, there are also a lot of ways to catch fish, such as using the element of fire to evaporate the water, you can directly harvest grilled fish; using the element of ice to freeze the water surface and go directly into the river Picking up fish; you can blast the thunder element into the river, numb the fish, and directly grab the fish that can’t move and surface… In addition, there are such as using internal force to splash water to fry fish, use moves to suck fish, and use fishing nets to batch Fishing, making dynamite fried fish and other fancy fishing methods.

In the big world, puzzle solving and exploration are also inseparable from various element skills, and players are encouraged to open their minds on the basis of using common sense. Taking the element of fire as an example, after burning the vines, you may be able to discover hidden treasure chests and make a small fortune, or you may discover hidden caves and learn magic skills after a fierce battle; if you burn scarecrows, you will occasionally find the thieves hiding in them and punish the conspiracy; Using it on an NPC will make the NPC flee privately, and ask you why you burned his hair… Of course, there will be no reward for burning the NPC, but the NPC will take revenge.

The elemental response of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” is also reflected in the battle, which has a crucial impact on the battle. For example, in a plot battle, when the enemy turns on the fire cover for defense, the player needs to turn on the Frost Palm to break the shield; if encountering a Boss holding an iron weapon in a thunderstorm, the Boss will use the giant sword to enchant thunder and lightning on the weapon according to the wet effect, and follow-up skills Then switch to lightning and thunder, sword moves with thunder attributes.

The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” uses the eight elements of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder, wind and ice to run through all aspects of puzzle solving, exploration, and combat, and truly connect this open world-this concept is very “Zelda”, At the same time, a lot of surprising innovations have been made. According to the official introduction, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has created an [Open World-Natural Engine] based on the Chinese Five Elements, so that the natural rules in the game world, such as time, weather, climbing, physics, and chemistry rules, will be endowed with gameplay. , which have various effects and effects on the game.

The map is unique, the magic is attributed to the rivers and lakes, and the old man’s ring-like exploration experience

In “Eldon’s Circle”, the most attractive thing is the fun of obtaining equipment, combat skills, and spells. In addition to the high-quality equipment after the battle with the Boss, there are also a large number of powerful equipment, combat skills, and spells hidden in various parts of the world, which require players to explore the map carefully to discover. In an inconspicuous corner, there may be a surprise.

And the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” vividly demonstrates this through the mechanism of “attributing divine merit to the rivers and lakes”. In the first test, all Jianghu skills and peerless magical skills were obtained by exploring the big world. For example, after a little exploration in the early stage, it is easy for players to find clues of magical powers. Follow the clues to the Bianjing Palace, you can get the stunt “Furious Fury”, release the control, gain the hegemony, greatly improve the combat power, and be extremely powerful; another example Burning a dense vine in Novice Village, you will find a hidden cave. There is a wild boar with rough skin and thick meat. A powerful means for the opponent to come back against the wind.

In addition to magic tricks, there are a lot of very interesting “Jianghu tricks”. For example, the “Variety Lost Trace” hidden on the top of Leifeng Pagoda can be transformed into NPCs, players, and scene objects in the game. Combined with the “Empty Hands” skill acquired by the identity system, you can disappear after stealing NPC’s money and run away. The unfortunate NPC will also fight with other NPCs because of the wrong “thief”. In this regard, the two NPCs forged a relationship because of the player’s tricky behavior.

There are many such examples. The official said that after exploring the world, successfully defeating a strong enemy, or completing an adventure, there will be sufficient and sincere surprise rewards, including magic weapons, internal power methods, and martial arts skills. And there are a large number of powerful magical skills and interesting Jianghu tricks hidden in various hidden caves, Jianghu ruins, and mysterious orders. In this treasure-hunting exploration like “The Ring of Eldon”, it is full of exciting challenges and surprising gains, which is also quite in line with the player’s perception of “the breath of the rivers and lakes”.

Conclusion: From the perspective of natural interaction and exploration experience, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has indeed handed in a satisfactory answer. At the same time, on the basis of carrying forward the classic game concepts of “Zelda” and “Ayrden’s Circle”, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has also made a lot of surprising innovations, constructing a rich, grand and exquisite martial arts open world. Judging from the first test, the players who participated in the test were generally satisfied, and made extremely high comments on the screen performance, plot performance, open world exploration and other aspects, and the game score remained at a good score of 8.5. At the same time, the high-quality game content displayed in the first test has also attracted widespread attention from peripheral audiences. At the end of the test, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” officially announced that the number of reservations on all platforms has officially exceeded 10 million.

According to the official statement, this test version has completed 76% of the 0.76 version, and will continue to polish the details and enrich the content in the future. Let’s wait and see how the finished product is finally launched.