Star membership rewards are exposed, the new skin of Noble 7 is not the best expectation, Irene and Meng Qi laughed

Hello everyone, here is TT’s canyon diary, which will bring you the latest news of the glory of the king.

With the update of the King of Glory, there are also some news of new skins that have attracted the attention of the majority of players. The first is the official exposure of star members some time ago. It is said that this is a welfare prepared by the official for everyone, and it is an achievement system.

This time, the rewards for star members have been exposed again. At present, there should be a new skin in it, but the quality of this skin is not known yet, but the hero has basically been determined.

In addition, there is also the skin of Noble 7. Regarding the exclusive skin of Noble 7, it has been exposed for a long time, but there is no relevant news, but I think this skin is not the most anticipated skin, because The exclusive skin of star members is also a skin that everyone is looking forward to.

Well, without further ado, let’s learn about the hot news of Glory of the King.

Noble 7 exclusive skin is not the best expectation

There has always been some gossip about the exclusive skin of Noble 7. At that time, there was news that this skin would be given to Cai Wenji and Milady, but they were not actually these two heroes, maybe because these two heroes also had The new skin broke the news, so many players speculated that the exclusive skin of Noble Seven may be one of the two heroes.

However, it is reported that Irene also has a new skin. It is said that this new skin of Irene is the exclusive skin of Noble Seven.

It has indeed been a while since Irene’s rework went online. Although the popularity is not good now, it is not unreasonable to arrange a noble 7 exclusive skin for Irene. After all, the current noble exclusive skins are all Some veteran heroes, Irene, as one of the closed beta heroes, also meet this condition.

In fact, at present, the exclusive skin of Noble 7 should be released sooner or later, but it is only a matter of time. After all, Noble 4568 has skins, but Noble 7 does not. It is indeed unreasonable.

However, the exclusive skin of Noble 7 is not the skin that everyone is most looking forward to. After all, Noble 7 also needs 20,000 coupons.

Star Membership Reward Exposure

In addition to the exclusive skin of Noble 7, there is also a skin that was accidentally exposed, that is, the star membership mechanism that was accidentally revealed by the official some time ago. Old Arthur talked to you about some of the content of this star member before.

According to the official description, star membership is a welfare system for everyone, where you can get rich rewards, so many players are also curious about what rewards this new member has?

Let’s take a look, this is some new content exposed, as shown in the figure, you can refer to it first.

Here are some explanations about the star membership. It is clearly mentioned that after the star membership reaches level 15, you can get the skin of Mengqi’s Tianjiang Fuxing. Before the news, the general image of this skin was revealed, see It looks like a lucky cat.

Star membership seems to be an achievement system. It is mentioned here that you need experience to upgrade. I don’t know if you need coupons to activate. If you don’t need coupons to activate and simply complete some achievements, then this skin must be the one that everyone is looking forward to more. a skin, because in this case it is equivalent to a free skin.

Summarize the key points

As a super cute hero, Meng Qi is mainly cute in his overall design, but he didn’t expect such a hero to be popular in all aspects.

At the beginning, the official also arranged a legendary skin for Meng Qi directly. I didn’t expect this legendary skin to be successful. After so long, there is no new skin, so those activities that give free skins are very likely to join Meng Qi. Odd figure.

And if the rewards in this star membership system are for free, then Meng Qi’s skin is perfect.

As for the exclusive skin of Noble 7, at present, it may be Irene’s. Of course, this skin is not what we are most looking forward to. After all, Noble 7 also needs 20,000 points.

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