Splatoon 3 Area Five Collection Process Details at a Glance Area Five Phantom Mode Graphical Guide

Splatoon 3 Zone 5 Collection Process There are as many surprises as there are corners, attention to the inside is a symbol of abundance, looking at outdated viewpoints in the scenery, the roof is the condition of the future mansion, entering a harmonious and wonderful space, falling in love Row upon row of traditional scenery, the meaning of choosing this town in time, feel the joy of living in this night scene, fog and mansions, a sweet perfect match, a one-way ticket to a prosperous life, an area that dances with you , The things you want are always in the distance, with secret temptations, and collect strategies.

Region five fantasy world mode graphic guide

1. Area 5 – as many corners as there are as many surprises

Splatoon 3 has as many corners as there are surprises. In the head-to-head battle, you can win and reach the end. The weapons available in this level: Hero Equipment (clearance reward 1400), H3 barrel gun + Sprabomb (clearance reward 1400), Kelvin 525 + Sprat bomb (clearance reward 1500), this level is a pure battle level.

2. Zone 5 – The inner focus is the symbol of abundance

The emphasis on Splatoon 3 is to aim at the back and attack in the symbol of abundance, and reach the end. Weapons available in this level: hero equipment (clearance reward 1400), Sprat roller + curling bomb (clearance reward 1400), sputtering Gun + Sprat bomb (clearance reward 1400), the first type of enemy in this level is the TV, the difficulty behind is not high, and finally face two TVs with headphones, after defeating, complete this level.

3. Zone Five – Viewing outdated perspectives in the landscape

Splatoon 3 looks at the outdated viewpoint in the scenery and reaches the end. After the start, use the bunker to rush under the building, then you can see the first sniper on the left, use the bunker to close to kill him, go up to the second floor After that, kill the sniper. After reaching the third floor, there are many enemies. After cleaning the third floor, go to the fourth floor. Break the box before the end of the fourth floor and you will get a can. Use the can to destroy the sniper to complete this level.

4. Area 5 – The roof is the condition of the future mansion

The roof of Splatoon 3 is the condition of the future mansion. Be careful with the head and reach the end. The first difficulty in this level is the protective cover. Either attack the top of the glass cover, or enter the glass cover to attack, and cover the enemy from Attracted from the protective cover, this can also be regarded as a method of elimination. One of the difficulties in this level is the headset TV + protective cover. After all the enemies are eliminated, this level is completed.

5. Area 5 – Entering into a harmonious and wonderful space

Splatoon 3 needs to get all salmon eggs within the time limit to enter the harmonious and wonderful space. The weapons available in this level are: wide-area marker gun + curling bomb (clearance reward 1400), Pablo (clearance reward 1500), liter 4K + fast bomb ( Clearance reward 1500), it is recommended to choose Pablo to play the game. Throwing small salmon on the patrolling machine can make the machine stop inkjet.

6. Area 5 – Fall in love with the traditional scenery of row upon row

Splatoon 3 falls in love with the traditional scenery of row upon row use tentacles to spray to the end, there is a chest on the other side of the roof before the first level point, there are 100 salmon eggs in it, after the second level point, there are two Gatlings , and a protective cover, there are many boxes behind the end, don’t forget to open it, and complete this level after picking it up.

7. Zone 5 – The significance of choosing this town in time

Splatoon 3 destroys the target in the sense of choosing this town in time and reaches the end, just attack the position of the salmon eggs, and mark the positions of all the targets. The 18th target, the blood is very thick, it needs to be continuously Attack, the last target, you need to hit the salmon eggs above, and then quickly destroy the 3 targets below.

8. Area 5 – Feel the joy of living in this night scene

Splatoon 3 feels the joy of life in this night scene and uses the super landing to reach the end. The weapons available in this level are: super landing (the clearance fee is 1500, just use the big move all the time, and go forward to complete this level.

9. Area 5 – Fog and mansion, a sweet perfect match

Splatoon 3 groping forward and reaching the end in the perfect match between mist and mansion The enemy of , turns to face us, and clears the level after killing it.

10. Zone 5 – A one-way ticket to a prosperous life

Splatoon 3’s one-way ticket to a prosperous life takes the transport track to the end point. The weapons available in this level: Jet cleaning gun + quick bomb (clearance reward 1600), three shot guns + quick bomb (clearance reward 1700), 14 Bamboo barrel gun·A + quick bomb (clearance reward 1800), after the final level point, as long as it is not blocked by the iron net, all the marks are completed, and the level is completed.

11. Area 5 – the area that jumps with you

Splatoon 3 and your jumping area use tentacle jet to reach the end, the weapons available in this level: tentacle jet + Spra jet gun (clearance reward 1700), this level is very simple, just keep flying high, the enemy No need to clear.

12. Zone 5 – Wanted things are always far away

What Splatoon 3 wants is always to use the range to reach the end in the distance. The weapons in this level have a long range and can be tested slowly. Basically, all enemies can kill them without it touching you. , complete this level after killing it.

13. Zone 5 – Temptation with Secrets

Splatoon 3 takes the secret temptation to use the reticle to reach the end, the first switch, just use the reticle to attack, then it is a puzzle level, complete the puzzle, reach the final level point, the last one It is a battle level, use the top refraction to attack the balloon, and then destroy the enemy. After all the enemies are cleared, the level is completed.

14. Area 5 – Collection Raiders

Splatoon 3 area five collected items are distributed in 31 places, the locations are as shown in the figure.