Special revelation! Subway Surfers Ultraman Moves Ubu Xiaohei

Image introduction

The image we are going to introduce today is Orb Black, which is an image limited to the Ultraman mobile version. It can be obtained through the event battle order at present. This image is a very good image, and it is also an image of light. An image of the linkage series, this one looks better than Tiga Jack’s round face because the hair makes this image very low, but overall it is still a very handsome image. Next, let’s take a look at the costume and skateboard attributes.

Dress up

Uub Xiaohei is dressed up in an image, called Glory Dressing, friends who have seen Ultraman Uub must have this image, and the one that has been restored very well is the final image of Uub The skin is very handsome, and with Uub you can also get the Uub Holy Sword, which is a very comfortable place. Next, let’s take a look at his skateboard appearance and skateboard attributes.

back decoration

Orb Ultraman did not make a skateboard image this time, but only made a character image and one of his back accessories. This back accessory does not improve any skills, it is just an accessory, called Orb Gate, see the prototype This is a back ornament that we restored one-to-one with a transformation device of Uub. It is just an enlarged Uub ring, but it is also very handsome, and it is also a back ornament obtained through the latest version of the battle order. dress up.

It can only be obtained when the level of the battle order reaches the full level, and you can get a lot of props in the middle, and the rewards are also very rich, and the level of this battle order only needs to reach level 20 to receive all the rewards, Uub The image of the character can be obtained after unlocking the advanced reward at level 1. His back decoration needs to be upgraded to level 20 before he can receive it. After completing the tasks specified by him, he can get the mask of Uub and collect 20 to upgrade to a level. of.

image acquisition method

The image of Uub Xiaohei is an image obtained by the new version of the battle order, which can be obtained from the Uub Origin event. After unlocking, you can directly obtain our Uub Xiaohei image, and it can be unlocked by consuming gold coins. , after reaching the full level, we can unlock the back ornament of our Orb Gate.

This is the image and skateboarding skills we are going to introduce today. The above is the whole content of this issue. If you have any questions, you can ask the customer service online or private message the editor below.