Special people and vehicles deliver special medicines, and Huaihua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital fully guarantees the distribution of traditional Chinese medicines

Red Net Moment, Huaihua, October 29 (Correspondent Zhu Lilan) At 8:00 am on October 29, the anti-epidemic Chinese medicine delivery vehicle of Huaihua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital started slowly, starting a new day of delivery.

The first station of delivery on the day was the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Medical College, with a total of 5,400 doses of traditional Chinese medicine granules. After the staff unloaded the goods, the accompanying physicians conducted detailed popularization of the method of administration, suitable groups, etc., so as to effectively do a good job in the publicity and guidance of drug use.

It is reported that the main distribution of traditional Chinese medicine in granules is that it is easy to store for a long time and more convenient to take. This recipe is made up of nine Chinese medicinal materials such as Bupleurum, Forsythia, Qianghuo, Silkworm, Cicada, Guanzhong, Arctium, Xanthium, and Congzi. Once the fire is gone, the lungs are clear and moist. Adapt to symptoms such as aversion to cold and fever, cough and sore throat, dry mouth and dizziness, headache and dizziness, strong neck and back pain, fatigue and fatigue, and can also be used for the prevention of new coronary pneumonia and the treatment of patients with mild symptoms (close contact with susceptible groups of patients and asymptomatic latent infection) By). Adults drink one sachet each time, children over 6 years old take half sachet each time, children under 6 years old take one third of the adult amount, drink 2 times a day for 3 consecutive days, pregnant women and special groups are advised to take it in a doctor Use under guidance.

The distribution groups of preventive traditional Chinese medicine mainly include front-line anti-epidemic personnel, residents of closed and controlled areas, and residents of high-risk areas. In order to do a good job in the distribution work, Huaihua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is equipped with two special vehicles for the distribution of preventive traditional Chinese medicine. A total of 13 medical staff from the Treatment Center, the Pharmacy Department and the administrative staff form a special Chinese medicine distribution class to implement point-to-point delivery services for the city’s drug needs. , in order to ensure the smooth distribution of preventive traditional Chinese medicine and medication safety. At present, the average daily distribution is about 50,000 doses, and more than 400,000 doses of granules have been distributed in total.