South Korea’s sharp comment on Viper’s transfer trend: EDG will definitely keep Viper

The quarter-final stage of the 2022 Global Finals has ended, and the fourth seed DRX of the LCK has eliminated the third seed EDG of the LPL by two and three to advance to the semi-finals. After EDG ended this S Tournament, the whereabouts of the players in the team next year have aroused heated discussions from all walks of life, especially the Korean-aided AD player Viper. Let’s take a look at the sharp comments on the Korean Open Forum.

— On the day that EDG lost to DRX, Viper’s hot search ranking was higher than the news from China.

— Almost all of them worry about what to do when Viper returns to China.

— Seeing him returning to China, he said, “Should he come back again?” Haha.

— They’re all saying “what if I go to DK” or something like that haha.

— If it was DK.Viper, it would be “crazy”!

— T1 and GEN already have good AD, and it is difficult for DK to have financial problems.

— To be honest, DK is struggling just to take on the current lineup. Compared with AD, he should try his best to keep Nuguri.

— Isn’t EDG super rich, he will definitely keep Viper first.

— The bot lane player of the LPL in this World Championship is very impressive except for Viper, and there must be every possible way to keep him.

— Viper is the most explosive AD in the LPL after Uzi, right?

— There is the Asian Games next year, and it is possible to come back.

— If I were EDG fans, I would definitely worry about this first. If they can’t keep Viper, the prospects for next year are really slim…