Soul Master Showdown: Seahorse Douluo Extraction Analysis! Is this new soul master who has been brewing for 2 months worth it?

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is raising his tail!

Seahorse Douluo will log into the game at 24:00 tonight. In fact, since Sea Witch logged into the game on August 16, the game has not launched a new soul master for 2 months. This interval is also the Douluo mainland soul. This game has the longest record since it was launched, and in the past 2 months, we don’t know what the official has done, but this is the first new SSR new soul master Haima to be launched. Douluo is enough to attract the attention of many players, and as he is one of the rare new defense spirit masters in the game, and he is also a new soul master with 2 exclusive spirit bones, is he worth taking? Woolen cloth? Today’s strategy analysis article Weiyi will briefly talk about this problem with you, hoping to bring you some little help.

Here’s a conclusion for you: Seahorse Douluo’s adaptation battle scene is PVP and bounty , then let’s take a look at the actual effect and expected ability of Seahorse Douluo in PVP:

First of all, in PVP battles, the specific effects of Seahorse Douluo are currently known: increase the team’s upper limit of life + energy recovery + multiple shield damage reduction + blood recovery + resurrection of teammates + group damage increase + group push bar. So in terms of these abilities, which skills come from? Next, let’s make a reference one by one.

First, there are 2 skills that can increase the upper limit of life. They are the skill improvement of the 1-1 skill [Haitian Condensation Shield] and the passive improvement of the 2-1 skill [Whirlwind Riding Potential]. Among them, a passive improvement can be achieved. 90% , which will be of great significance to the enhancement of our viability.

Then the second point involves energy recovery and the third point involves multiple shield damage reduction skills including 1-2 skills [Xuanhai Bibo] and 2-1 skills [Whirlwind Riding Potential]. The basic effect of energy recovery is single, while in After being derived, it will become a pseudo-group (characters with [Blue Wave Shield] can return 3 energy at the beginning of the round), and in terms of shield damage reduction function, the existence of [Blue Wave Shield] can protect them from death, while [Whirlwind Shield] The existence of ] can greatly restrain the current mainstream C such as SP Qianrenxue.

Then the blood recovery involved in the fourth point, the resurrected teammates involved in the fifth point, and the group damage increase involved in the sixth point are included in the 3-2 skills [Raging Wave] and the 4-2 skills [Sea Dream Elf] . Dream Elf] This is the very core PVP skill of Seahorse Douluo, because when Seahorse accumulates 5 or 6 Sea Dream Spirits, everyone will find that when the enemy consumes soul power, our blood recovery efficiency is very high . For a meat team with a certain degree of practice, the more blood they fight, the more blood they fight, and it may be the most appropriate description. In addition, the resurrection of this skill… that is also extremely disgusting. Team, it took a lot of hard work for you to kill one, and then the hippocampus was revived … The mentality at that time is estimated to collapse if it does not collapse.

The final group push bar effect is provided by the exclusive soul bone of the seahorse’s left leg. At most 6 sea dream spirits are 36% of the push bar each time. In fact, considering its extremely high trigger frequency, this push bar amount is already At present, there is a very high-end push bar skill in the game, so… if Haima’s skills are not adjusted after the official server is launched, then he will definitely become one of the T0-T1 level soul masters in the future PVP, And the SP Qianren Xuerou team lineup with 5 guarantees and 1 has been developed in the test server before, and it is a thrilling and exciting fight… ah!

Next, let’s briefly talk about the performance of the hippocampus in the increase of damage in the long map. To sum up, it is not as amazing as PVP, but it is still very helpful for players in some gears. Here, it is specially pointed out that the hippocampus increases the damage in the long map. 2 core skills:

These 2 skills are the 3-1 skill [Furious Wave] and the 4-1 skill [Holy Pillar Blessing]. First of all, this [Furious Wave] can increase up to 300% of the strong agile attack and hidden weapon basic attack effect that everyone can think of is that The support of teams such as Chen Xin, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiaobai Hidden Weapon Team, and after the actual test on the test server, this skill can actually improve Zhu Zhuqing or Chen Xin… Yes, but it has not reached the ideal. The qualitative change effect will continue to be tested and observed in the follow-up official server. However, this skill is quite valuable to the help of the Xiaobai hidden weapon team. Friends who are still mainly using the Xiaobai hidden weapon team to play the long map can focus on it. Down.

In addition, for the [Blessing] effect of the 4-1 skill [Holy Pillar Blessing], here are two main points to note:

  • Under the blessing flow system, after Bo Saixi activates the [Sea God Domain], the [Blessing] effect will be dispelled, but Haima can still use the 4-1 skill to make his teammates act immediately. This function is actually the same as the current white Chenxiang is somewhat similar , the difference is that Seahorse’s 4-1 skill has a 1-round cooldown, but with the support of a certain speed, Seahorse Douluo can still play a similar effect to Bai Chenxiang in the blessing flow system. The effect of SP Qian Renxue’s two linkages, but generally speaking, the final damage of the blessing flow will not bring a big change, and everyone needs to pay attention to this.
  • Under the hidden weapon flow system, considering the effect of [Blessing]’s continuous immediate action after collecting all 4, Tang Chen’s hidden weapon team and other teams will enjoy the support of higher action frequency, which also makes the team that is extremely dependent on the output frequency. The hidden weapon flow style has a more exaggerated output efficiency. In addition, the 150% crit damage increase under 4 [Blessings] and the 150% damage increase under 5 [Blessings] (exclusive left arm soul bone) are also superimposed. It will make the hidden weapon play style have better damage performance . After testing this, some players have shown a 10 times increase in terror damage (Tang Chen Peacock hidden weapon team), and the general rainstorm hidden weapon team also has a lot of The damage increase effect, so players who are still using the hidden weapon flow play method can pay special attention to the auxiliary damage increase effect of the hippocampus.

Although it is said that there are still some differences between the hidden weapon team and the blessing flow team under such hidden weapon damage increase, after the official server is launched, Weiyi will further test its related comparison in actual combat (you must have Shanghai Horse for the reward test in the test server, If you don’t have Haima, you can’t enter the dungeon, so this restriction is not very conducive to detailed comparison tests), but Weiyi’s preliminary estimate that the launch of Haima should be paving the way for future SP hidden weapons. You can also do a psychological first . Prepare.

Summary: For players who like PVP competition, the extraction priority of the hippocampus is very high, and everyone can pay attention; for players who currently use the Blessing Flow Chart, the extraction priority of the hippocampus is average, but for players who are still using the hidden weapon flow chart For players of the law, the extraction priority of the hippocampus is not low, and everyone can do what they can.

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