Soul Master Duel: The fourth phase of the extreme battle realm

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is eating peaches!

In today’s Raiders article, let’s talk about the speed play of the second boss, Queen Bamboo Peach, in the fourth phase of Extreme Warfare that was just updated this morning. The boss “Ling Han Zhan the Frost Tiger” did not do a strategy before because of the simple reason. Its play style is similar to the first boss of the previous extreme battles. Of course, friends who are not too impressed can also do it. Learning from the Bamboo Peach Queen’s play style later, their general ideas are still somewhat similar.

The four disgusting buffs of the Bamboo Peach Queen boss this time are that a shield will appear at the beginning of the round, which can improve the Bamboo Peach Queen’s survivability to a certain extent; the second is that you can’t use sect mercenaries, which is not good for training. A high player is a catastrophic blow… The third is to fight 3 SR or R-level soul masters; the fourth is to play Dugu Bo or Dugu Yan. Considering the third requirement, Weiyi recommends it here. Everyone’s first choice is Dugu Yan. Although it is not very useful, Dugu Yan’s 1-1 skills actually have certain conditions to increase damage. You can pay more attention to it.

Next, let’s talk about the ideas and operations of several extreme speed play methods:

The above lineup is still the fastest 1-round clearance idea that can be seen so far (it is not ruled out that there will be a miracle of Fatty 0-round clearance in the future). This lineup configuration is very similar to the past 1-round play style, but additionally A Dugu Yan goes in. In this lineup, Oscar’s 2-1 passive and Grandmaster’s 2-1 passive can both increase damage for SP Qian Renxue, and then Bai Chenxiang’s 2-1 passive can help Xiaobai get a speed. Then Xiaobai uses the 1-1 skill to invite SP Qian Renxue to do 1 skill output. If you practice enough, you can bingo for 1 round!

In the next 2 rounds, there are a lot of ways to play. The easiest one is to use Ning Rongrong + Oscar + Bai Chenxiang to grab the first speed lineup, and then Ning Rongrong directly uses the 4-2 skill [Attack of Seven Treasures] in the first round. Pull SP Qian Renxue to output, here SP Qian Renxue will enjoy the damage increase assistance of Ning Rongrong 2-2, Oscar 2-1, Master 2-1 and other skills, if you practice enough, you can get 2 rounds of bingo !

Of course, if the above play is not well practiced, you can consider Ning Rongrong with his exclusive spirit bone, first use the 1-1 skill to increase the damage of the group, and then touch a 24-star fantasy suit to activate the effect, and then Use 4-2 skills to pull Qian Renxue to output, so you can bingo for 3 rounds!

Of course, if this is not enough, you can consider Ning Rongrong first use 1-1 skills to increase damage, then Oscar uses 1-2 skills with exclusive spirit bones to increase damage, and then it is SP Qian Renxue’s turn to output damage. Yes, this is also a 3-round clearance method.

If this way of playing is still not enough damage, then Ning Rongrong can use 1-1 skills to increase the damage first, then Oscar uses 1-2 skills to restore the damage, and then Bai Chenxiang uses 1-2 skills Pull SP Qian Renxue to increase damage and take immediate action to output. This is the way to clear the level in 4 rounds.

Of course, if this still doesn’t work, then Ning Rongrong will use the 1-1 skill to increase the damage, and then touch a 24-star illusion, then use the 4-2 skill to pull the SP Qian Renxue and use the 4 skill to output a wave. Then Oscar uses 1-2 skills to increase damage, and then Bai Chenxiang comes to SP Qian Renxue to output, and then SP Qian Renxue can also rely on 2-1 passive [Thought of Order] to act once, so that he can output 3 times in a row, Wei Yi’s own level of practice is more suitable for this 3 output method to end the battle.

Then there is another way to quickly clear the level in 2 rounds. Go to Bo Saixi to attack. Here, Bo Saixi’s 2-2 skills can apply 2 layers of [Sea God’s Blessing] to the teammate with the highest attack power to increase the attack. Niu Gao takes 2-1 passively to defend the enemy’s first attack, the master increases the damage, and then brings Tang Yuehua, a 4-star exclusive soul bone, here relying on Tang Yuehua’s 4-star exclusive soul bone’s [Long Song] immediate action effect, Instead of using the 4-1 skill to randomly apply the linkage effect of [Long Song] to an ally after the enemy’s action, of course, we need to try our luck here to add the [Long Song] status to SP Qianrenxue’s head. At this time, the first After 2 rounds of SP Qian Renxue can act immediately and kill the opponent directly with 4 skills.

In addition, the SP Qian Renxue of all the above lineups can be replaced by Chenxin, Hammer, and other group attack spirit masters. You can adjust according to your own soul master box.

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