Sony provides PS+ premium members with a 3-hour trial of “Dying Light 2″丨 “Overwatch 2” requires five years to obtain all the accessories of Mizuki without kryptonite

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Today is Sunday, October 9, 2022, my friends have worked hard. Today, Sony announced that it will provide a 3-hour trial of “Dying Light 2” for PS+ premium members, come and see it together~

PS+ premium members open “Dying Light 2” trial

Sony has officially announced that it will offer a 3-hour trial of Dying Light 2 to PlayStation Plus Premium members. The demo game can be downloaded from the game’s page on the PlayStation Store.

Regarding “Dying Light 2”, at the end of last month, developer Techland announced that the DLC “Bloody Bond” originally planned to be released on October 13 will be postponed to November 10. The official said that more time is needed to improve the content and fix bugs.

The DLC “Bloody Bond” will welcome a new location “The Slaughter Hall”, an old opera house building that has been converted into a gladiator’s arena. In addition to new missions, characters, weapons, and challenges, the DLC will focus on swordfighter combat.

Dying Light 2 was released earlier this year, and the game is now available on PC/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/XSS platforms.

In “OW2”, it takes 5 years to unlock all accessories of Mizuki without krypton gold

“Return” of “Overwatch” has been launched, and the box-opening system has been removed. A player calculated how long it would take to unlock all the accessories and skins of the new hero “Mizuki” without kryptonite and no promotions. The results were unexpected. If you rely on the liver, it will take about 5 years.

Reddit user Autumn_hi said that currently all accessories and skins for “Mist” cost 15,600 Watch Coins. Players will get 60 Watch Coins by completing weekly challenges, a total of 540 coins per season, which means that you have to play about 28 consecutive coins. During the season, there is also a skin and two accessories that need to be dropped by watching the Twitch live broadcast, which takes about 11 hours, and takes about 260 weeks in total, which is 5 years. In the original “Overwatch”, almost all accessories can be obtained through treasure chests. Except for krypton gold purchases, chests are also given for free whenever players level up or complete certain tasks in the game. Although the game has become free, the current new battle order system seems to make it more difficult for players to obtain skins. You either directly krypton gold or spend a lot of time to get rid of the liver.

Players were blocked by R star

The leak of “GTA6” caused heated discussions among players, and famous foreign players spread some of the leaked content on Twitter and @R Star official account. When he came back to his senses, he found that he was suddenly blocked by R Star, and he no longer had the right to view the content of its homepage.

Although the effect was minimal, Rockstar did its best to avoid the spread of the leaked content of “GTA6”, and even directly closed the comment function of the Twitter account. Before comments were banned, the messages under the R star official account were almost always “Save “Red Dead Redemption OL” or “When will “GTA6″ be released”.

Raven is rumored to be working on a single-player campaign for the next COD

Raven Software is a well-known FPS game developer, and now, there is information that the developer is working on a “Call of Duty” campaign mode. Tech4Gamers first spotted this after seeing a job posting that apparently suggested Raven Software was currently working on an upcoming Call of Duty campaign mode.

Raven Software is hiring for the lead campaign animator position and requires candidates to be familiar with the Call of Duty video game and be proficient in gameplay and scripted animation sequences. The position also requires candidates to be proficient in game storytelling, which is also required for single-player game design. Additionally, candidates will need to understand first-person and third-person game animation. And we know that in the Call of Duty campaign mode, there will be animations, both in gameplay and in cutscenes.

It is worth mentioning that the well-known COD leaker TheGhostofHope also previously tweeted that Raven may be working on the campaign mode of “Call of Duty”. And when asked who was in charge of the game’s story/script, TheGhostofHope replied: Raven too.


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