Sony builds new studio to work with Naughty Dog

Sony PlayStation was looking for a senior game producer to work on a new game project developed by a team formed in partnership with PlayStation Studios Visual Arts. Subsequently, Sony PlayStation officially updated the recruitment information and deleted the part of PSS Visual Arts. This time Sony said that PlayStation is establishing a new in-house development team for the game, which is a world-famous development team that has contributed to the “Last Survivor” series. team. Coincidentally, PSS Visual Arts assisted in the development of The Last of Us.

PSS Visual Arts is Sony’s support for many well-known first-party IPs under PlayStation. It has also been the support studio behind the “Last Survivor”, “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, “Uncharted” and other series. Last year, Bloomberg said that PSS Visual Arts had planned to remake the original “Uncharted Sea”, but it was abandoned because the project cost was too high and took too long, and finally invested in “The Last Survivor Remake”.

Naughty Dog officials are also looking for new development members to establish a new team to create new “Uncharted” works and use existing “Uncharted” works to rejuvenate. It is likely that Sony and Naughty Dog are considering re-examining the “Uncharted” series. I just don’t know if it’s a reboot like Modern Warfare or a new work.