Sofm becomes the coach of the national team! SMLZ announces to leave the arena, and Gala is selected for the Asian Games lineup?

There are only 2 days left until the start of the LPL Summer Split. At present, the major clubs in the LPL have officially announced their new lineups. Among the top teams, JDG, BLG, and EDG are all members of the original squad, while LNG has With the addition of Gala, WBG has not announced the lineup. The team owner has been teasing again recently, implying that there is a change in the lineup. Fans are wildly speculating that MIng, who has just left RNG, is going to join Weibo? I have to say that you have to watch WBG to play traffic.

From the perspective of the lineup, the competition in the summer split is still fierce for the front teams. Teams like UP, LGD, and AL are all in bad shape, but the teams like OMG, TT, WE, and RA are still worth looking forward to. Yes, maybe it will become a dark horse in the summer split. Apart from the news about the transfer period, the most discussed recently is the Asian Games, because the LCK division has already made an official announcement. At the same time, Sofm was promoted to head coach in the Vietnam division. up.

Sofm Officially Announces: Will Be the Head Coach of the Vietnam National Team

As the only player in the Vietnam competition area who has achieved fame and worth in the LPL, Sofm’s style of play has been recognized by many audiences. At the beginning of his debut in the LPL, he won the title of “Bandit”. After a few seasons, I didn’t get any results, but my ability to mobilize is too strong, giving people the illusion of participating in a fake match, which also made Sofm win the title of “richest man” again, but after finishing the S12 season, Sofm left Entered the LPL division.

Sofm’s departure also made many viewers feel nostalgic. After all, in the LPL arena, he lost a player who could bring fun and surprise at the same time. After returning to Vietnam, Sofm did not continue to play the game, but took a rest. Throughout the spring season, but recently, Sofm announced on his personal media account that he will be the head coach of the League of Legends event in the Vietnam Asian Games. Another familiar old face, this Asian Games is much more interesting.

SMLZ announces to fade away from the arena, and puts into live broadcast and two-way commentary

Among the current LPL free agent players, there are a large number of veteran players, including Holy Gun, Xiye, Doinb, SMLZ and others. Because of their age, although these players still have some strength, many top-level teams , I won’t consider these players anymore. After all, they won’t be able to play for a few seasons, and their status is not stable, and their value is not low, so the veterans are all unemployed. In addition, they want to find a strong team to perform well when they come back. It must be very difficult to find a job. Disaster.

As a former top AD player, SMLZ had a rough career. He didn’t win a single championship in LPL, and he didn’t even make it to the world championship. However, the audience still recognized SMLZ at his peak, but he was getting older. After that, although I wanted to play the game, I had to accept the reality. On May 26, SMLZ issued an article stating: Next, I will focus on the live broadcast and the second channel commentary. It seems that this time, I will leave with regret The arena is over.

Hanyi broke the news about the Asian Games lineup: Gala is the final AD?

After LCK officially announced the lineup for the Asian Games, the LPL audience has been discussing the final candidate for the Asian Games, the three positions of Nakanosuke are actually not much suspense, and Knight in the middle can’t find anyone stronger than him, and he just won. The MSI champion dispelled the doubts about the “soft-footed shrimp in the competition”, while the bot laner Meiko has almost no suspense, and the jungler Jiejie is not too controversial. The only one who can compete is the Xun player of the BLG team, but the possibility is not big.

As for the upper unit, Dake 369 and BIN have both. These two brothers have a set of playing Zues. In the live broadcast on May 26, Hanyi talked about the Asian Games lineup, the four positions of Nakanosuke, As we mentioned above, the only controversial part is the AD position. He said that the most likely three are Light, Gala, and ELK, but overall, it seems that Gala is the most suitable, and some netizens also broke the news. Gossip: In the end The chosen one is Gala.


Sofm is the coach of the national team. He couldn’t keep the players from playing well. The coach personally played. After all, looking at the entire VCS competition area, Sofm is the player with the strongest personal strength and the best understanding of LPL. He has also played against LCK many times. As for SMLZ, he announced his departure In the arena, there is actually no suspense. After all, at this age, it is unlikely to want to play games. As for the AD position in the Asian Games, it is difficult to evaluate. After all, Rule has reduced dimensionality in the spring competition.

So who do you think is more suitable, Gala or ELK?

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