So real! The Genshin Impact Nilu mission resonated with players around the world: me and my dad did the same

Unconsciously, the popular game “Genshin Impact” has entered the second half of version 3.1, and his wife Nilu, who is very popular among Xumi, has also joined the team of travelers. It is worth mentioning that the plot of Nilu’s legendary mission is very heartwarming, which resonates with players around the world.

In Nilu’s legendary mission, it tells about a girl named “Anaye”, her father is a member of the ordinance, and has imposed high pressure and excellent education on her daughter since she was a child. Anaye took the third place in the exam, and even made embroidery for her father as a gift, but she didn’t expect her father to be angry why she didn’t take the first place, so that Anaye came to the theater angrily.

After learning that his daughter had joined the troupe, the father was worried that his daughter would go astray, so he used his position in the church to dismantle the troupe. In order to protect the theater, Nilu chose to have a debate with Anaye’s father, and discussed that art should be treated equally, regardless of high or low, everyone has the right to appreciate it, and expressed that the theater carries the emotional bond of everyone and so on.

Many people pay attention to the discussion of art in the debate, and from it, the discussion of emotion is derived. In fact, the debate is not a debate, but an opportunity to let Anaye and his daughter build a bridge of communication, let the father recognize the place where the daughter is, and let the father rest assured that the daughter lives here.

Genshin Impact players analyzed Nilu’s legendary mission word for word, lamenting that the relationship between Xumi’s family is quite real, just like the relationship between many Chinese fathers and children in reality. The story does not give Anaye father and daughter an ending, it only says that they started to have a good talk. This is actually the real father-daughter relationship. There is no absolute severance or absolute reconciliation, but slowly learn to understand each other.

Regarding this Nilu’s legendary mission, many netizens also expressed that their family relationship is very similar to that of Anaye. “I cried when my father gave his daughter a gift”, “After reading this task, I sent a message of hundreds of words to my father for the first time in the world”, “This time the plot is really attentive, and I feel that the things I harvested are not just rough stones.”

Speaking of it, Yuanshen’s current plot is getting better and better. Nilu’s legendary mission makes everyone feel like they are chatting with neighbors after get off work. There is no vigor here, but such a warm and down-to-earth little story one after another. . So, why don’t you talk about your relationship with your father?