SMLZ is most grateful for steak and snakes? Liu Hang interviewed the truth and wanted to play!

It is said that professional players eat their youth. In League of Legends, many professional players are like this. Many players did not get the results they wanted when they were young, so it is almost impossible to have them in their later careers . Players like Ambrose are really the only one, and most of the players, who basically failed to score, will remain anonymous until they retire.

SMLZ is most grateful for steak and snakes? Liu Hang interviewed the truth and wanted to play!

But some players, although they have played for many years, still stick to the professional arena and continue to fight for their dreams. Just like we have an AD player in LPL, he is smlz. He stepped into the professional arena from S2 and witnessed the LPL After so many years of development, he can be regarded as a legendary player, but the era always belongs to young people. With more and more rookie players in LPL, smlz seems to be gradually being forgotten by everyone.

Recently, LPL’s host Liu Hang conducted an interview with the old thief Sima. During the interview, he also asked a lot of questions about the old thief Sima, including the character of the old thief Sima. Many people said that smlz’s career The reason why it has not been smooth is because he is very “autistic”, and many people say that the old thief Sima uses this “autistic” character to attract fans, but the old thief Sima holds such words. different opinions.

The old thief Sima hates others to talk about him like this, because if a person’s character is like this, it would be a bit insulting to look at himself with tinted glasses. Sometimes the old thief Sima doesn’t want to do this, but in most cases, it is a malicious misinterpretation by some netizens. All these are not caused by the old thief Sima himself.

The two people I am most grateful for are Snake Snake and Steak? Change your mentality and teach yourself the game!

Later, Brother Ma also mentioned that in his career, the two people he is most grateful for are Steak and Snake. When I was in the RW team, coach Steak helped me a lot in terms of mentality. My mentality was not very good before, but Steak’s words allowed Ma to see a lot of different things in his subsequent career. , So Steak is a very good coach for Marco.

The second is Snake. He taught Marco how to communicate with his teammates during the game. Many things need to be done in advance. Before encountering the shot, Marco didn’t even know that he planned a wave of tower jumps. , you need to start planning two or three waves of troops in advance, and Snake, an experienced assistant, has also made Ma Ge gain a lot.

For his future career, Ma said that he needs the opportunity to play, and every professional player needs to cherish his career. As far as I am concerned, only if you have talent can you play professionally, but when you are playing professionally, if you don’t work hard, it is very likely that after two or three years of playing, you will not be as good as others, so this is why Ma Ge works so hard, but it may be because of bad luck. Well, that’s why I haven’t been able to get results for so many years.