Small start-up projects suitable for rural areas? How much is an unattended self-service car wash?

Rural populations are not as dense as cities, and there may be less demand for products.

Therefore, we’d better choose those projects that are vacant in rural areas, so that there is less competition.

So, what are the small entrepreneurial projects suitable for rural areas? What I want to introduce to you here is the unattended self-service car washing machine square.

The huge car market brings, in addition to the huge car ownership, a steady stream of car washing needs, and only relying on the existing conventional car washing services can not digest such a quantity, so traditional car washing is difficult, long queues for car washing, Time-consuming has become a major problem that plagues car owners and urban development.

The self-service car wash service represented by Car Wash is also rapidly entering various cities, successfully solving the market pain points of more cars and fewer stores, difficult and expensive car washing in China. Users can check the location of the navigation network online, go to the venue offline to scan the code to place an order, and then operate the car washing equipment to wash the car at will.

As an intelligent technology manufacturer, Carwash has the capability of self-developed car wash hardware equipment and intelligent software system, which can meet the needs of various customers to join, with guaranteed quality and fair and just prices. And there are professional technicians to provide technical services, which greatly ensures the operating efficiency after joining.

So, how much does it cost to build an unattended self-service car wash plaza?

Depending on the brand selected by the entrepreneur, the configuration is different, and the price is also completely different.

Today, Xiao Bian recommends the car washing machine brand machine for everyone. Because it is a factory direct sale, a piece of equipment is only a few thousand yuan, and it can also be customized, but the customization may be slightly more expensive, about tens of thousands of yuan. However, the specific amount of money to put in depends on the number of units you choose to put in and your needs.

Of course, in terms of price, it does not mean that the more expensive it is, the less cost-effective it is. If you want to take the high-end route, as long as it does not exceed your budget, you can also start with a high-end self-service car washing equipment.

The equipment of Car Wash Jie has reserved upgrade space, which is convenient to upgrade and improve the self-service car wash square in the future to meet the requirements of various customers for car wash. Because the software and hardware systems of the car wash smart car wash equipment are developed and produced by the automation technology team of Tsinghua University, they are all leveraged in terms of technical patents, quality and strength, and they are very durable and not afraid of damage!

Although it is a comfortable life in the countryside, after all, this world is a world where money is used everywhere. You cannot give up the pace of struggle because of the location. It is also possible to do an unattended self-service car washing machine square and open a national chain store.