Small soft ball, play new tricks

In late autumn, when the weather turns cooler, fitness enthusiasts can be seen exercising in major parks in Changchun.

In the Nanhu Park of Changchun City, a group of middle-aged and elderly people waving a racket in their hands. With the rhythm of the music, a small ball keeps spinning and flying between the rackets, drawing beautiful arcs in the air, no matter whether they are How to move, the ball will never leave the racket, and it is firmly pulled on the racket by a rope, which is very interesting.

Ms. Liu, a citizen who is exercising, said that the name of the sport is soft ball.

Ms. Liu: This sport also has different classifications for different groups. The primary, intermediate and advanced are different, and many schools have also popularized it, but mainly middle-aged and elderly people.

Ms. Liu has been retired for many years. By chance, she saw several elderly people in the park dancing with the racquets printed with Tai Chi pictures to the soft music accompaniment. The flowing moves attracted her. After inquiring about it, Ms. Liu learned that the sport turned out to be softball.

Softball is a sport that combines traditional Tai Chi with tennis and badminton in modern sports, and has the effect of strengthening the body. Ms. Liu also introduced that softball is a bit difficult to get started, but once you learn it, you can do everything. In order to practice softball well, Ms. Liu insists on exercising for 1 hour every day. At the beginning of practice, the ball often fell, but after mastering the essentials, Ms. Liu has been able to make many superb and beautiful movements.

Ms. Liu: Softball is developed from Tai Chi, so it will have some Tai Chi foundation and dance foundation. People with more flexible limbs and good coordination will get started faster.

Tai Chi Soft Ball is a Tai Chi ball game that is born in response to the times. It reflects the broad and profound “Tai Chi” culture of the Chinese nation, retains the essence of Tai Chi thought and Tai Chi movement, and at the same time adds modern elements. Brings the two together nicely. Not only can the neck, shoulders, waist and legs get a balanced exercise, but also can effectively increase muscle endurance, improve body flexibility, and delay osteoporosis. And it is suitable for any group of people, especially the middle-aged and elderly.

Today, softball has appeared in various cities and is deeply loved by the elderly. Action is not as good as heartbeat. You in front of the phone should join the “Army of Softball”. Let’s move, dance, twist your body, and jump out of new vitality!

Reporter: Wang Wei

Editor: Chen Xin Liu Xingda

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