Small Advances in Medicine: The Emergence of Oral Paclitaxel

 Looking at the attached picture, in September 2022, the paclitaxel oral solution (RMX3001) jointly developed by my country and South Korea’s Dahua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been officially accepted for marketing authorization. Intravenous paclitaxel, white purple and other similar drugs.

 This is an improvement. Although the efficacy has not been clearly improved, the ease of use and fewer side effects are also advantages.

 The treatment of tumors is more and more like the development of simplification, and various drugs are being developed in oral dosage forms to reduce the burden of intravenous fluids. Contrary to what everyone thinks, current cancer chemotherapy is not expensive, and it can usually be completed in a short time, without the need for such a long infusion treatment, and it is constantly getting simpler.

 At present, there are various oral chemotherapeutic drugs, oral targeted drugs, and even immune drugs in the form of subcutaneous injection. These advances mean that tumor treatment can be carried out in outpatient clinics more and more, and the safety is not low, which also means the quality of life of patients. improvement.

 If I am a tumor patient who needs chemotherapy, the chemotherapy regimen I choose must be the regimen that ends with no infusion or 1 day infusion, and no more than 3 days at most. Because I need a good quality of life, and I don’t want to stay in the hospital for infusions, what do I do with so much infusion? It is more comfortable to stay at home more. (The more infusion the better is obviously wrong)

 When I graduated more than 10 years ago, some chemotherapy regimens had to be lost for 5 days and 5 nights in a row, and even a special regimen of 21 days in a row was gradually eliminated. Once there is a simple way to use it, as long as the effect is the same, it is cumbersome of course should be eliminated.

 It is estimated that the future direction is all-oral chemotherapy and targeted, immune and other treatments that can be performed at home and outpatient clinics.