Slam Dunk Mobile Games: Simply talk about this new card game! Can it become the thigh of the future of slam dunk?

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is playing poker.

I have time today, just at the request of some water friends to talk about the new gameplay of this card that has been bubbling recently. It is hereby stated in advance that all the screenshots in the following analysis content are from the post bar user QBZ-191. The video of the card gameplay, for all the details of this gameplay, we just make a screenshot of the video. At the same time, since this video and other content have been widely spread in many groups, it should be no problem for Weiyi to write this article. Well…abaabaaba.

First of all, what everyone needs to know is that the card game of Slam Dunk is nothing new. As early as 2014, there was a genuinely authorized Slam Dunk card game online, and the mainland was still represented by Baidu Games. At present, you can occasionally search the Internet to find a lot of introductions about the contents of the cards at that time. It is particularly worth mentioning that the following players were online in the card gameplay of that year, and this is also genuinely authorized, and The copyright middle party at that time also has a lot to do with the current XX.

Of course, our main content today is not to miss the card game of the past, but to make a brief introduction and analysis of the future slam dunk card, so let’s not talk nonsense and enter today’s main content.

The above picture is the main interface of the Slam Dunk mobile game card game intercepted by Wei Yi. In fact, you can see that many of the UI features and icons are similar to the current competitive version of the mobile game, and even the avatars are It is familiar like deja vu, and on the right side, there are national leagues (competition mode), training (various teaching and training modes), battle (PVP battle mode) and other content that are worth exploring, and on the left side of the UI is Base, shop and recruitment button, and as the soul of the card game, this recruitment of slam dunk cards is also quite interesting:

There is no doubt that players are also divided into R, SR and SSR levels, and the initial recruitable character is undoubtedly our protagonist Sakuragi, and it is long-haired Sakuragi (SR level).

The drawn players also have a very detailed attribute classification, and also includes 4 skills. These details are quite similar to the current card-based mobile games on the market. By upgrading and upgrading, we can improve the player’s attributes. And activate more 4 skills, and can also upgrade skills, skills with higher relative levels will definitely have better effects.

As another soul of a general card game, the combat system becomes a competition mode in the slam dunk:

Before officially entering the game, we need to replace 5 players on the court, and we can also play 3 substitute players, and the game is also simulated as a 5V5 full game mode.

During the game, the bottom 5 players will have a prompt on the skill bar. After the skill bar is full, they can use active skills, while the passive skills or effects of players are triggered by timing or conditions. In addition, during the game In the lower left corner of the interface, you can also change tactics, such as being more inclined to attack inside or outside, etc. You should be able to debug, while in the lower right corner of the game there is a button for “performance time”, which can be carried out when conditions are ripe. trigger:

Then the game will enter a close-up shot to show the trigger of this performance moment, which is equivalent to the concept of magnifying the move… In addition, when each team recruits players, there is also a bond system between different players, which also It will affect the balance of victory in the game to a certain extent.

To sum up, the game is generally run automatically. What our players can control are player skills, tactics and performance moments. The basis of automation is the combat power of different players. The higher the combined combat power, the higher the probability of defeating the opponent. The bigger it is, and under the premise that both sides have similar combat strength, manual operation of the above three points may also add some unknown factors to the balance of the game.

So, as one of the core gameplays of Slam Dunk in the future, do you love this new card gameplay? Anyway, no matter what kind of gameplay there will be players who play, I don’t know how everyone thinks about it. That’s it for today’s analysis article! Finally, I also hope that everyone can follow and forward a lot to support Weiyi. Thanks again friends for watching!