Slam Dunk Mobile Game: Glory God Online Flow Analysis! really sad

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is counting money.

In today’s analysis article, let’s take a brief look at the flow of the big version of Ah Shen. After all, as the third and last Glory-level player in 2022, the official attention is still very high. , In today’s game with a smaller and smaller range of players, there are only a handful of players who can be promoted to the glory level, and as Kanagawa’s scoring champion, objectively speaking, the current version of the glory of God’s strength is still relatively strong, especially for Those players who are not very familiar with Glory Ah Shen, it is simply a status kill… Not to mention technical problems. And how much flow does such an important player bring to our slam dunks? Let’s take a look at today’s article.

Before officially entering the running water, Wei Yi first wrote a premise: The following data are all taken from the income flow of the game national service IPhone platform estimated by Qimai data, but these figures are not all the income of the game. For example, in addition to the IPhone platform, other There are income from IPad platform, Android platform, Taiwan server other than national server, Korean server, international server and other servers. Therefore, the following data is only for reference and cannot be used as the final income of the game. I hope everyone knows.

The picture above is the estimated flow chart of the IOS platform of Slam Dunk mobile game from September 10, 2022 to October 9, 2022, of which the highest point is also obvious at $30,000 on September 29 and September 30. 31,000 dollars, and what kind of level is the achievement of 30,000 dollars for glory-level players, or in other words for all kinds of players who have been online before the game? We can then take a brief look at:

Let’s not take the exaggerated results of 2020 for this comparison. We will directly take some important game nodes in 2021 and 2022 for a brief comparison. In fact, the estimated turnover of 30,000 US dollars is even It does not show any advantages in comparison with ordinary players. For example, the previous estimated running performance can be regarded as weak enough for Nagye, Deming, Takano and other players. In fact, the performance is almost the same as the glory-level Ah Shen.

As for the Glory-level players who went online before Glory A Shen, Mitsui has $75,000, Fuji really has $90,000, Mu Shenyi has $143,000, and Akagi has $176,000, so this $30,000 achievement In fact, it is estimated that the official is bad enough for a while.

For the reasons why such a low flow rate occurs, the dimensional one analysis has the following, you can refer to it:

  • First of all, the entire game environment this year is not very good, and the economic situation is not good. A lot of unemployment has caused ordinary people to suffer less and less spare money. Therefore, everyone’s desire to spend money on games will be correspondingly reduced. Although the turnover of the basket is not high, it is not known how many times better than the highly anticipated mobile games “Deep Sky Eye”, “Cat City” and other games this year, so although the slam dunk is similar to myself It’s a little worse than it is, but it’s a big advantage compared to some new games on the market.
  • In 2022, subject to the objective situation of the Slam Dunk mobile game, the update speed of the game will be significantly reduced, and the speed of new gameplay and new players will also drop sharply. Even in March-April 2021, there will be celebratory actions to be launched until today. No game, no matter what the reason is, more players will not care so much. What everyone sees is the decline in game production capacity and other less positive factors, so the corresponding decline in the desire to recharge is also a matter of course.
  • At present, the news that slam dunk will be launched on the card hand game method is estimated to be known to everyone, and a large number of test videos have been released. There is no doubt that the current slam dunk must also be divided into a small force to promote The card version is on the line, so in the future, if the card version can be successful, then the competitive gameplay is estimated to have to hold this water thigh to continue to develop…

The above is the analysis of Wei alone, and it is for reference only. Finally, I also hope that everyone can follow and forward a lot to support Weiyi. Thanks again friends for watching!