Skin Prevention Science丨Don’t touch acne in dangerous areas

First of all, whether it is acne before or after breakage, it is not recommended to squeeze by yourself.

①Squeeze pimples yourself, it is very likely that the remaining pus will be squeezed into the deep layers of the skin, aggravating inflammation, making the acne heal more slowly, and even forming deep pimple marks; if the disinfection is not in place, it may lead to further infection, especially Squeeze pimples in the “danger triangle” of the face.

The “dangerous triangle” refers to the area formed by the connection between the corners of the mouth and the root of the nose. This area is rich in blood supply, and some blood vessels are connected to the intracranial blood vessels. Some of the blood vessels are not protected by venous valves, and the blood inside can directly Backflow into a group of intracranial venous vascular areas.

The reason why acne occurs during puberty is because the secretion of sex hormones is out of balance. If the sex hormones are balanced, the acne will disappear. Contraceptives have the function of regulating sex hormones and can inhibit the effect of androgens on the skin, so taking contraceptives can play a role in removing acne.

②In fact, after the acne breaks, the pustules usually become flat on their own and do not need to be squeezed. If you are really worried, you can also use some antibiotic ointment on the damaged area, such as clindamycin gel, fusidic acid cream, erythromycin ointment.

Regular consumption of contraceptives will also disrupt the normal physiological cycle of the mushrooms, causing them to suffer from nausea, vomiting, vaginal bleeding, weight gain, dull complexion and other troubles, and even lead to infertility in severe cases! Be careful about taking birth control pills to get rid of acne.

If you have gone to the hospital for acne and are receiving regular treatment, there are usually antibacterial drugs in your oral or topical medicines, so there is no need to deal with acne breakouts. It should be noted that some external medicines are more irritating, and you should temporarily avoid the damaged area when applying them, such as adapalene gel.

③Finally , it is recommended to visit a dermatologist in a regular hospital in time for long-term and repeated acne breakouts. Blind squeezing cannot fundamentally solve the problem.

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