Skin designer who is full of malice to players: it’s disgusting for you, what can you do?

stone man

After some skins were designed, I always thought that it should be considered that the designer is full of malice to the players, otherwise, what are you doing with such a disgusting skin? But the designer really still has the confidence to say that I am disgusting you, what can you do? For example, the skin of the stone man, do you think this coral skin is a skin for disgusting players? I believe that as long as it is still a normal player, you should be able to feel it. This skin should be designed on purpose, otherwise you can’t design it, such a disgusting skin. A little change is better than this skin, do you think he did it on purpose?

little bee

Not to mention the skin of the Little Bee series, except for the hero Teemo, it can be justified. The other skins are not good in theory. Of course, some people say that the skin of the alchemist is also OK. How to say this? It’s really acceptable, let me tell you something by the way. The bee skin of the alchemist was actually designed by the player. Later, the fist optimized him, and then it became an official skin. As for the other skins, I believe that everyone doesn’t like it very much, especially the Clockwork Demon’s skin, which is disgusting to look at, especially the special effects of the ultimate move, and I don’t know why it is so ugly.


​The skins of the zombie Everyone can think about it, when you play this skin, do you always feel that something is not right? Mainly because of the color matching of this color, it is so speechless. How can a color that is specially used for disgusting people, how can it look good? And the zombie series itself is quite special. If the skill special effects are not designed at all, then it is definitely not good-looking, but if you design the skill special effects, it must be designed according to this zombie, the original special effects. Have you ever seen a zombie movie? Do you think you can design something good-looking according to the special effects of zombies? It must be a very disgusting effect!


What do you say about the skin of the vampire? Some people say that it’s not that the fist is disgusting, but that the skin looks disgusting after the harmony is given, but anyway, do you feel uncomfortable watching this special effect? ​​To be honest This t2-level skin, the original special effects are really good, but after becoming the oil lord, no player likes such a skin, which is why, this skin is sold well on other servers, but In the national server, very few players like this skin, unless you plan to use some technological means to harmonize his special effects, but in theory, if you do it like this, maybe your account will be lost .

Three Kingdoms

Which skin do you like in the Three Kingdoms series? I took a look. At the beginning, there was only one skin of Lu Bu, and the player’s evaluation was relatively high, but unfortunately, the designer of the fist didn’t know if his brain was flooded, so he redesigned this skin and changed the original skin The special effect of the ultimate move has been lost. Do you think such a special effect is a bit disgusting? Although it looks acceptable, if you compare it with the original special effect, it is definitely a very disgusting special effect. It is estimated that now Most prince players probably don’t like this skin very much, right? To know that this skin has been rated very high in the past.


The hero Ike has a skin from the Star Guardian series. I don’t know how to evaluate this skin. You said that the special effects are not worrying, no. Nor is the model completely unacceptable. But after seeing the combination of the Guardian of the Stars and the hero Ike, it somehow feels like a garbage skin, so the concept of this skin is not suitable for Ike. On the whole, this must be regarded as a rather disgusting garbage skin. In fact, for most players, such a skin should not be won, right? Although fist thinks this skin is very good, but players do not buy it!