Skin care|Celebrity cross-border beauty and skin care brands, are they reliable?

It’s not a new thing for celebrities to release makeup or skin care products, but the voice of the market is no longer so single. Actor Brad Pitt launched his own skincare brand last month. What he didn’t expect was that once it was launched, the level of resistance seemed to far surpass everyone’s enthusiasm for buying star brands.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Brad Pitt said in the interview. He said that everyone around him made a lot of money in this circle, and he felt that he was also qualified to participate. So what’s wrong with him creating a cream that’s more expensive than lamer?

Uh, nothing is impossible, you can play whatever your family wants to do…

Perhaps in the endless stream of star brands, most of them are on a whim?

But the effect of stars is very powerful. Many people will lose the criteria for selecting products and blindly follow the trend to place orders.

That star cross-border do skin care and beauty,

Rely on or not?

I have always been harsh. If an unprofessional person wants to get a share of the pie in a new field, it depends on whether he has the strength. Whether it is a fanatical fan or an ordinary consumer, now they are more interested in the value of the product itself, rather than blindly pursuing the popularity of celebrities, so those who have no diamonds and have to work on porcelain, it is better to get out of the game as soon as possible.

From a very early time abroad, many celebrities have established beauty and skin care brands. For example, American singer Ciara launched her own skin care brand OAMskin;

JLO Beauty, a makeup brand launched by Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez;

Or supermodel Kate Moss launches natural skin care brand Cosmoss;

There are also SKKN BY KIM founded by the “gold sucking” Internet celebrity Kim Kardashian; KYLIE SKIN launched by Kim Kardashian, a member of Kardashian’s family, etc. Some of them have been very successful, and some have disappeared so far, although there are good products worthwhile Respected, but more of a one-time consumption. There are also intermediate values, which can basically be defined as “can but not necessary”.

Take SKKN BY KIM, founded by Kim Kardashian, who is very popular, as an example. One of the two essence products in the series is vitamin C, which is anti-oxidation and anti-aging. The other is the main hyaluronic acid moisturizing. Relatively basic moisturizing. As far as she said, this time she has studied and researched seriously, but the performance of the product does not seem to be too convincing.

The style of the entire line of products can really make people recognize her style, but the price of a few hundred yuan can perform very well in domestic skin care products or common word-of-mouth skin care products. Not a big fan, totally unnecessary to try.

The skin care brand KYLIE SKIN, founded by Kim Xiaomei, who has entered the skin care industry early in the Kardashian family, is estimated to have earned a wave of eyeballs with its pink and tender packaging, and the prices are relatively low, most of which are in double digits. look.

She is young herself, and her skin care line focuses on plant skin care, focusing on maintaining stability and moisturizing. There is nothing wrong with her product, but the product has nothing particularly worth mentioning, and there is no bright spot. In addition, many products contain alcohol and are located in the front, which is really not a good choice for users with sensitive skin. At most, the product is useless, and it can’t really improve skin problems. Even if the price is not expensive, it is not very recommended.

It’s not that celebrity brands are all one-sided boycotts. Whether it is reliable for celebrities to create beauty and skin care brands across borders depends on the products. Let’s talk about a few star brands that are worth trying. If you really want to pay for the celebrity effect, at least it’s worth the money.

Fenty beauty by Rihanna

– Makeup items are very resistant to fighting

A very successful case of star-founded brands, but Rihanna’s success is not just her own personal influence. The driving force behind Fenty beauty is Kendo, a subsidiary of LVMH Group, which makes the product development of this brand more professional, and the marketing, supply and other aspects are also well coordinated.

In addition, its make-up is really deliberate, and it really captures the minds of consumers. Whether it is the 50 shades of liquid foundation launched based on global skin differences, the highlight series that has already flashed into everyone’s hearts, and the contouring stick that has been highly recommended since its launch, her makeup products are all worthy of praise. point. These products not only do not step on thunder, but also feel very good in use and makeup.

However, in recent years, Rihanna’s albums have not been very active, but they seem to be very attentive on their own skin care brand Fenty Skin. The main product is the concept of “Clean”, so the whole series does not contain potentially harmful irritating ingredients. The skin care products themselves Not much to say about the effect, at least in terms of product safety, you can rest assured.

The Outset

——Anti-aging “rookie” is worth a try

Also focusing on the concept of vegan and “clean” is The Honest, a brand created by “widow sister” Scarlett Johansson. This brand is still in its infancy and has a promising momentum. In fact, she is not a newcomer to create a brand. The brand partners have had very good experience in “big factories” before, and it can be seen that the products have been carefully polished.

The main product is a minimalist style, and the design is also close to the natural style. In addition, the packaging materials are also made of recycled glass and other raw materials such as resin and sugarcane, emphasizing environmental friendliness, although this is not everyone’s daily life. I’m interested, but I’m still leaning towards this idea.

The first batch of 6 products launched, including facial cleanser, essence, face cream, eye cream and lip balm, mostly focus on moisturizing and maintaining stability, but Bakuchiol is used in anti-aging, which is similar to A-alcohol. Because Bakuchiol is a plant extract, it will be milder, and now some big brands have begun to use it as a substitute for A-alcohol. The price of her home is relatively close to the people, and it will not be a burden to choose some to try.

After all, celebrities are not specialized in skin care and beauty. Whether it is theory or experience, or there is a big gap with the “big companies” in skin care, the star effect is indeed an important driving force for a new star brand, but the product itself determines whether the brand can last for a long time. the key.

In fact, the beauty and skin care industry is still very inclusive. Of course, there are many works that are mixed with fish and pearls. While paying attention to the star effect, we still need to know more about the strength of the product itself. It’s not worth it to spend money for the so-called star effect.