Six enterprise projects in Fengxi New Town were selected as outstanding cases of scientific and technological innovation in Shaanxi

Xinhua News, Xi’an, October 28 (Reporter Liu Yu) Recently, the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences announced the list of selected cases for the “Excellent Cases of Science and Technology Innovation in Shaanxi”, and 6 enterprise projects in Fengxi New Town, Xixian New Area were selected.

“Diandian helps farmers” integrated big data service platform for production and marketing

Xi’an Agricultural Chain Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

The big data service platform of “Diandian Helping Farmers” integrated production and marketing uses the agricultural science and technology digital promotion service system “Shared Agricultural Technician”, the new digital training service system for professional farmers “Shared Agricultural Classroom”, and the digital supply and demand service system of agricultural products “Shared Agricultural Market”, etc. The three major technical service systems are committed to “technology-assisted production, data-assisted sales, and data-assisted decision-making”. At present, the “Diandian Helping Farmers” platform has professional users including more than 48,000 farmers, more than 5,700 farming experts and more than 2,000 agricultural product buyers. A platform ecosystem for collaborative sharing of user groups.

Qingkong Science and Technology Incubation “One Body with Two Wings” Science and Technology Incubation

Qingkong Science and Technology Innovation Acceleration Center in the West

“Integration” means that based on the needs of local industry development, with the help of local science and education resources, establish overall cooperation with various colleges, introduce colleges and departments to land, build scientific research institutes, investment institutions, technical experts, and scientific and technological innovation mentor alliances, and comprehensively serve regional and scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Empower. “Two Wings”, one is the “Xixian Entrepreneurship π Plan” as the service content, around the four major sections of “Entrepreneurship Academy Station, Talent Station, Science and Technology Acceleration Station, and Creation and Sharing Space Station”, and the second is “Science and Technology Innovation Star” as the service content. Brand column, by paying attention to the development trend of the enterprise, focusing on the hot events of the enterprise, excavating the mental journey and entrepreneurial experience of the entrepreneurial characters, and carrying out original special reports for the enterprise to enhance the brand popularity.

Additive Manufacturing of Polyetheretherketone Customized Medical Devices

Shaanxi Jukang Gaobo Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

For most patients with tumors, deformities, and trauma, their implants can only be personalized. After more than 20 years of development, additive manufacturing technology has become one of the advanced biomanufacturing technologies widely recognized at home and abroad, especially bone implant additive manufacturing technology. Its clinical demand and application level far exceed cell additive manufacturing. and other bio-additive manufacturing technologies, this technology enables the manufacture of personalized bone implants to be achieved in a faster and more economical way, closer to the clinical needs, and some structural designs that were difficult to achieve in the past will become a reality. Innovation in the field of biodesign/manufacturing technology.

Muqin Intelligent Agricultural Unmanned Vehicle R&D and Production

Xi’an Muqin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

The M200 agricultural unmanned vehicle is an intelligent agricultural equipment specially developed and produced by Muqin Intelligent for fruit tree plant protection. It can carry out all-weather and efficient spraying operations in orchards. M200 can greatly improve work efficiency while ensuring excellent spraying effect, effectively avoid human harm, and significantly reduce the amount of liquid medicine. M200 integrates Muqin’s advanced innovative ideas, and adopts the latest manufacturing technology, new energy technology, and Internet of Things technology to make it operate more intelligently, operate more efficiently, and function more powerfully.

High-rise emergency safety escape intelligent system

Shaanxi Xianrun Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

The “Intelligent Connected System for Emergency Safety Escape for High-rise Buildings” aims to improve the emergency self-rescue and mutual rescue of urban high-rise building personnel. ability. The original structure of the building is not changed, only the handrail in the stairwell is upgraded and transformed to increase the escape function. By installing the special handrail track independently developed and using the supporting self-rescue escape device, it descends at a constant speed of 0.8-1.2 meters per second. During the process The speed can be controlled automatically, and it only takes about 3 minutes to descend from the 30th floor to the 1st floor. At the same time, the positioning function of the Zhilian system can realize precise rescue.

2-50MW Coal-fired Generating Set Carbon Emission Control Project Boiler Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technical Transformation Project

Shaanxi Boyuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

The project uses the boiler in the chemical plant to mix the chemical waste gas. Due to the large heat load demanded by the boiler itself, the heat generated by the combustion of chemical waste gas accounts for a small proportion of the total heat demand of the boiler, and the fluctuation of chemical waste gas pressure and flow has an impact on the boiler The operating parameters will not have much influence, and the influence can be quickly eliminated by adjusting the boiler parameters. In order to meet the emission standards, the boiler itself has built perfect desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal facilities. The environmental pollution caused by the mixed combustion of chemical waste gas only needs to match the original emission of the boiler, and will not generate investment in new environmental protection facilities, effectively solving the energy saving and emission reduction of the coal industry. on the problem.

In recent years, Fengxi New City has vigorously implemented an innovation-driven development strategy, guided by demand, provided meticulous services, and accelerated the construction of an “accelerator” demonstration zone for the transformation of Qin Chuang’s original achievements, so that the elements of scientific and technological innovation can be brought together here to transform scientific and technological achievements. Unleash greater vitality.