Sister paper changed Jianwang 3, which has dozens of skills, to 3-button operation mode? Blame Yongjie

As the most popular game at the moment, the domestic martial arts multiplayer competitive game “Eternal Calamity” has attracted countless fans at home and abroad since its launch, and even many top streamers in other game divisions have also switched jobs one after another. into the pit. As more and more people began to indulge in robbery, it also caused some sequelae, and even some players began to complain about “Eternal Calamity”. What’s going on?

For example, recently, there is a female player who has been in the pit of “Eternal Calamity” since the game was launched. In order to be able to return to “Jianwang 3” to fight with her friends, she even made a software by herself to put the “Jianwang 3” in the game. As many as dozens of skills, modifying it into an action mode that can be operated with only 3 buttons can be regarded as regaining the feel. Originally, the girl posted the video to complain that Xia Yong Jie had too much influence on her, but instead it attracted countless messages from Jianwang players kneeling and begging to share the software.

You know, “Jianwang 3”, as an old domestic game, has attracted countless players to enter the pit after it was launched, and even many players have in-depth researched the skills of major sects in order to have a place in the arena. The strategy is as many as dozens of pages, comparable to martial arts cheats. But this also shows that the MMO type game itself is very cumbersome in operation.

On the other hand, “Eternal Calamity”, which mainly focuses on hardcore competition, although according to the difference in weapons and hero skills, there are hundreds of big players who have created hundreds of their own combos. However, there are not many buttons that players need to control in total, plus the perspective change that the game itself automatically follows, as long as you practice more to form a muscle habit, you can start a game with other players in the qualifying match.

But also because of this, many players who have been addicted to “Eternal Calamity” for a long time will feel extra awkward after returning to other games, especially when fighting, they will always subconsciously press the F and V keys. Even the well-known game anchor PDD has been addicted to playing “Eternal Calamity” for a period of time before he remembered his own game “League of Legends”. As a result, the live broadcast on the first day of returning to the pit actually asked the audience how to operate the game.

Therefore, after the female player was pulled back to “Jian Wang 3” by her former gang friends, she was particularly uncomfortable with the original game operation, and she forgot how to use these dozens of skills together, so she could only choose to make one that could Modify the software of the button and turn it into the eternal version of “Jianwang 3”. On the contrary, it also made players who were not satisfied with the blow of “Jianwang 3” to find a solution, begged the girls to share the software, and even shouted to the official of Jianwang: hurry up and learn from others.

So, I don’t know if your friends have experienced this kind of game sequelae? Would you choose to try this girl’s way of modifying the keys to adapt?