Sister Ju has officially announced a new endorsement. The bare-leg artifact is equivalent to thermal underwear. What is the concept?

To say that among the female stars of internal entertainment, the dedicated female stars who always maintain the beauty business status and never pull over, it is difficult for us sister Ju to not be remembered by everyone.

From hairstyles , makeup , outfits and even photo poses , every time she goes out of the circle, the big netizens scramble to imitate them first. Although some netizens still think that her idol burden is a little heavy, most people start to admire this sister’s female star Professionalism.

Sister Ju still has some ideas in shaping the atmosphere of beauty .

However, the promotion of beauty has always been unsatisfactory. Compared with other high-end promotions of Xiaohua , Ju Jie is more of a civilian …intoyou, mistine, Xuelingfei…also caused many fans to be dissatisfied and scolded for work. Room does not act.

As a result, two days ago, Sister Ju officially announced a new endorsement – a bare leg artifact. What is this concept, Ou Hua thinks it is basically equivalent to Yi Mengling’s endorsement of thermal underwear (or the kind that is worn outside)…

In addition to bare legs, there are two main ways to wear skirts in winter: bare leg artifact vs leggings . Since the bare leg artifact came out, the two sides have been quarreling endlessly.

Not to mention that the bare leg artifact is the same as a prosthesis , not like a bare leg at all! earth! Or the leggings look like long pants ! Also soil!

Some netizens have been saying before: If the bare leg artifact is not soiled! Which star do you see wearing a bare leg artifact!

Hmm…why don’t you wear it? Compared with the trousers of male stars , female stars inevitably have a lot of chaotic outfits in seasons.

Let the district flowers be fair! Compared with bare legs, bare leg artifacts are more warm and healthy. Some girls choose skin color leggings, which is also a kind of ” freedom to dress “.

Although gray and oatmeal leggings are also a good choice, there are actually limitations to the color and matching of clothes.

Too obvious color blocks and knitted materials will give people a thick and warm seasonality. The bare leg artifact is also more inclusive in terms of clothing matching and seasons because it is close to the skin color .

Moreover, the colors of gray and beige are more likely to expose leg problems for sisters with imperfect leg shapes, and large areas of light and gray color blocks are more likely to expose leg problems , while black and light-colored clothes are too abrupt

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So Ou Hua is here to help sisters today, how to choose the most suitable bare leg artifact for you!

Choose the color that is closest to your neck

The bare-legged artifact has to stand and sit down .

What I am most afraid of when I stand is that the color is too fake. The online seller shows that the color difference between indoor and outdoor is too large. When I buy it, it looks like two bananas indoors, or it looks like a pair of chicken sausages outdoors…

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the right color . The general bare leg artifact will be divided into light skin tone , medium skin tone and dark skin tone .

Find the buyer’s show under natural light or the color card provided by the seller on the Internet. Just like a liquid foundation , choose the color that is closest to your neck skin tone, which is the most suitable color for you~

According to Ou Hua’s experience, considering that socks have great elasticity , the color will become lighter after stretching , so except for sisters with really white skin tone, it is enough to choose medium skin tone and below .

Double layer is more natural than single layer

Under the same thickness, the single-layer bare leg artifact is like a pair of flesh-colored leggings , while the double layer adds a layer of skin-colored stockings to increase the smoothness of the outer layer .

So, in fact, what the double-layer bare-leg artifact pursues is not bare legs , but gives people the feeling that they look like they are wearing stockings .

But even so! Sisters must pay attention to the material of the outer stockings when choosing ! Be sure to choose a matte and non-reflective material, otherwise it will be like this, shiny and slippery, and the presence will be doubled…

And some people will have obvious knitting texture on the legs when they sit down , because the elasticity of the stockings is limited, and the knitting gap of the stockings will appear after being stretched.

So Ou Hua went through the top-selling models on the market. After consulting with the merchant, he found that the higher the number of stitches on the outer stockings , the finer the texture , and the less likely it would be stretched.

Not only that, but in the past two years, there were sisters complaining that the double-layer bare-leg artifact was too fragile. If the outer layer was accidentally hooked, it became a disposable cotton trousers.

No, Ou Hua found that the current bare leg artifact, in addition to increasing the firmness of the outer stockings , sisters can also choose a replaceable bare leg artifact with buttons, which is more cost-effective.

When washing, remove the outer layer and wash it by hand , which is less prone to damage. Even if the outside is broken, you can save a lot of money by replacing it with a new one.

Choose a closer skin with a pressure value

The thinner the bare leg artifact , the more natural it is. Too thick bare leg artifact is like cotton trousers, and it will inevitably feel bloated when worn . This is why sellers and even celebrities choose thin velvet models when they are recommended .

Now, many bare-leg artifacts are one -size-fits-all , and the height and weight are not suitable. If they cannot hold up, it is easy to form folds at the ankles when standing and at the knees when squatting .

Therefore, choosing a bare leg artifact under pressure , in addition to a certain degree of slimming, is more skin -friendly , reflecting the beauty of skinny lines and reducing wrinkles.

Different pressure on the ankles, knees and legs will be more comfortable and close to the legs. (Generally, there will be a label on the details page), if the height of the girl is relatively short , choose the bare-leg artifact of the foot-stepping style , and the trousers are relatively short.

How to choose a bare-legged artifact that does not drop gears or strangle your feet?

Most of the bare- legged artifacts on the market are generally one-size-fits-all. One-size girls are 160/84 kg in height and weight. Other heights depend on the elasticity of the fabric itself , which makes it easy for tall sisters to wear them .

Sisters can take a look at the product details page when choosing, some will write the trouser length , which can be used for reference. Ou Hua took a look. Most of them are 98cm , but there are also a small number of styles with various trouser lengths.

In response to this situation, Ou Hua thought of several methods for the sisters:

1. You can choose to step on the foot

The foot-stepping style liberates the toes to a certain extent, allowing the feet to live in a single room ~ more comfortable and free, and wearing your own socks is more hygienic .

However, this kind of foot-stepping style is easy for tall sisters to strangle their feet, and wearing socks in them will relieve it a little.

Moreover, when the socks are fully stretched by the legs, the gap between the feet becomes larger, and low- top shoes are easily exposed, which looks a bit like cotton pants.

So at this time , it is also a good choice to match a pair of high- top Martin boots, or to match stockings outside .

2. Separate pantyhose

If you choose socks without velvet , the pressure will be much smaller than that with velvet. Now there are many socks that decompress the toes when they are designed . Sisters can pay attention to them when purchasing.

The pain of the toes in these ways: stepping on the foot < pantyhose separation < one-piece

About solving the file drop problem:

Choose the one with the waist and buttocks separated from the legs , the one-piece tightness is stronger and easier to wear.

In addition, you can also choose a curved design under the buttocks. Compared with the one-piece type, it is easy to flatten the buttocks , which is easier to highlight the body curve .

Can’t choose what to do?

Because everyone’s skin color and skin texture are different, it is difficult to choose a bare leg artifact, but it is not difficult to choose a tight-fitting leggings .

The naturalness of the bare-leg artifact actually comes from the texture of the outer layer of stockings .

1. You can choose a single layer of water-gloss socks, and a layer of silk socks that are not easy to reflect.

Stockings are much better choices than bare leg artifacts. Regarding the thickness of the stockings , the larger the number in front of d (Denny number) , the higher the density, the more warm and impervious to the flesh.

2. What should I do if I have bought a bare leg artifact that is not very easy to wear?

District Flowers are here to help you! To reduce skin exposure , you can wear it with stockings, martin boots, over-the-knee boots, or a long skirt. In short, the less exposed the more natural .

3. It is more natural to replace skin stockings with black silk

Compared with the skin color, after being stretched, the color contrast of the bumps and convexities of the body curve is more obvious, and the bone feeling is stronger.

And black can neutralize the skin tone that is too artificial to a certain extent , showing a fleshy feeling .

Bone feeling + fleshy feeling = more natural

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4. Choose to buy a bare leg artifact with shipping insurance

The bare leg artifact is like liquid foundation, arsenic of A and honey of B, and even different batches will vary. What Ou Hua taught you sisters before is how to reduce the number of trial and error .

But for those who have really screened out the finals, it is better to buy them and try them out, and take pictures indoors and outdoors to choose the one that truly matches your heart.

Finally, spend the day shopping in the district! I have analyzed several popular bare-legged artifacts on the market today, summed up their respective advantages and disadvantages, and let’s plant grass reasonably~

oboltes reference price: 89

This bare-leg artifact indicates that the outer stockings are 720 stitches , which means that the outer layer is denser and less grainy . Both partial pressure design and curve design are available.

The disadvantage is that there are few color choices , only light skin and natural skin, but the feedback from the sisters is still relatively close to the skin tone.

Seeking orange reference price: 69 onwards

Sister Ju’s endorsement model has the advantage of being more convenient to put on and take off , not easy to get stuck, and has a pressure and anti-drop design.

However, some sisters reported that the color of this model is naturally reddish , which may appear black, fair skin tone is too white, the upper body is a little gray and powdery , and it is easy to pilling .

cocotuuna reference price: from 68

Sister Xia has the same style, with more and finer pressure distribution and stronger wrapping . The outer layer of stockings is made of delicate material and is comfortable to wear .

However, some sisters reported that the socks are relatively small, and tall sisters or sisters with big feet should choose carefully.

unkia reference price: from 69

The hip segmented anti-drop gear has a curved design , great elasticity , and the outer stockings are more delicate.

However, the color is gray , the medium skin tone is pink , and the length is a bit long for the 163 sisters, which causes the back pockets of the legs to be prone to folds .