Single-port thoracoscopic treatment of elderly people with lung cancer in Chongqing West District Hospital

Recently, Yao Ke, director of thoracic surgery department of Chongqing Western District Hospital, and Liu Heng, deputy director, led a team to perform single-port thoracoscopic minimally invasive surgery for 80-year-old Granny Yang (pseudonym). This technique is highly demanding and difficult, and only a few tertiary hospitals can carry it out, which marks that the single-port thoracoscopic minimally invasive treatment in Chongqing Western District Hospital has reached a new level.

It is understood that the patient found a mixed ground-glass nodule with a diameter of about 1.4 cm in the posterior segment of the left upper lung apex during the routine physical examination, which is more likely to be lung cancer, so the family brought Granny Yang to Chongqing Western District Hospital for treatment. Yao Ke, director of the thoracic surgery department of the hospital, was initially diagnosed with early lung cancer after inquiring about the condition and contacting the examination. After evaluation, the patient has no indication of taking medicine, and only surgery can be used to avoid the deterioration of the condition and endanger life.

Because the patient was old and suffered from gallstones and simple left kidney cyst, Yao Ke convened experts from the Cardiovascular Disease Center, Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, and Radiology to fully ensure the patient’s safety during the operation. Consultation, formulate 3 sets of plans for the patient. After 60 minutes of treatment, the operation was completed. At present, the patient has recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

The patient and the medical team are pictured together. Photo courtesy of Chongqing West District Hospital

Liu Heng introduced that compared with three-port thoracoscopic surgery, single-port thoracoscopic surgery is less traumatic for patients and is beneficial to patients’ physical recovery. But at the same time, it has higher requirements on the technical level of the chief surgeon and the cooperation of the anesthesia team. Thoracoscopic surgery with single-port operation requires doctors to have a good understanding of the anatomical characteristics, organ adjacency, tissue characteristics, etc. under the thoracoscope. best therapeutic effect. (Contributed by Chongqing Western District Hospital)

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