Since K and Jennie were sitting in the front row of Chanel together…

To say that the front row of the most “breaking dimension wall” in Paris Fashion Week is none other than CHANEL.

The protagonists are Kristen Stewart and Jennie, who not only sat next to each other in the front row, but also chatted for a while, which was reported by many media such as WWD/BAZAAR website and popsugar…

Teen VOGUE even used the word “BFF (girlfriend)” in the manuscript, and guessed that Kristen and Jennie were talking about the “Twilight” series or a new song tour…

Zuoshijun couldn’t help but interrupt: ahem, “Twilight Saga” has been a long time ago!

Now that we talk about Little K, we will be more willing to take “Spencer” as an example.

Because this is her latest heroine work, she was also nominated for an Oscar.

Or you can call her “Muse of Famous Director”.

Because just after watching the show in Paris, Maggie Cheung’s ex-husband Olivier Assayas revealed in an interview that he still has to work with Kristen Stewart on the new script he created.

Counting the previous “Sils Maria”, “Private Shopper” and the cameo of “Murder”, this will be their fourth collaboration.

In the play-in-play of “Middle Girls Crisis” in the first test of the water, Maria played by Julia Binoche is the core of the story, but it is the personal assistant Valentine played by Xiao K who influences her emotions.

It was this “Sils Maria” that allowed her to win the French film’s highest honor, the Caesar Award for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the first American actor to win the Caesar Award in nearly 30 years.

Assayas’ first impression of her at the time was: “Dare to take risks, dare to try”.

Although the role is limited, he has ambitions for his own career, and he is relaxed in his performances.

So there is a second cooperation – “Private Buyer”.

The girl Maureen lingers in the high-end jewelry and designer clothes in Paris, and purchases clothes for the ladies full-time.

The work that should be happy has been “banned”. Maureen always wears a sweater and sneakers with a cold face, which is out of tune with this mobile feast.

Chanel provided costumes for the crew and generously lent 31 Rue Cambon for filming.

When Maureen encounters an anonymous stalking and murder trap, there are several unspoken one-man scenes: secretly trying on the employer’s clothes, facetime with people, or riding a motorcycle on a midnight street…

The director said that when he was writing the script, he did not realize how much such a design would require of the actors.

But in Xiao K’s interpretation, the turbulent inner feeling under the faint sense of alienation, the kind of self-struggling and anxious neuroticism, is her best expression.

All this was also excavated by Assayas’ delicate eyes.

Some critics praised Kristen Stewart as a contemporary actor, “her performance is defenseless and self-aware”.

The two roles of Valentine and Maureen both carry a part of her, and this “tailor-made” trait is even more apparent in “Blurry”:

What other female star character whose love and hate is constantly flowing and who is tired of her own superstar halo can better explain the problem?

The director obsessed with Kristen Stewart’s unique temperament is obviously not only Olivier Assayas.

She can carry Woody Allen’s eternal nostalgia for the golden age and become the Vonnie in “Coffee Commune” who is reluctant to leave Vanity Fair.

You can also enter Ang Lee’s oriental spiritual world and play the hero’s sister in “Billy Lynn’s Halftime Battle” – an ordinary person who opposes war and feels distressed for his brother’s sacrifice.

Although everyone generally thinks that she and Ang Lee have failed to create a spark like Olivier Assayas, the favor of the film circle never seems to be cut off.

Sometimes we also feel that she is held in the hands of the European and American literary and fashion circles at the same time, and she is no different from the representative figure of the new wave period and the actress from the United States.

And Kristen Stewart also in order to star in the Xibao biopic, cut his hair short and shot in the image of an inch head, walked the red carpet, and attended various events.

Later, she entered “Spencer” to interpret the struggling side of the beloved Princess Diana that is not well known to the public…

The creators use Kristen Stewart’s personality and self to dig layer by layer, to reach the depths of human nature they want to show, to explore those free and undefined grayscale moments.

And the actress, who started acting at the age of 9, doesn’t mind conveying the concepts and beliefs she has always insisted on through her performance, or she sincerely wants to share her ideas and beliefs with more people after her experience.

‍So when Kristen Stewart became a fame and fashion vane, she also left the time and energy to independent film production, even if the cost was too low to give her a matching salary:

In a dystopian soft sci-fi like “Equal Groups”, he tried his best to speak up for minority groups.

“Lizzie” discusses what kind of bondage women are subjected to in a patriarchal society and their desperate resistance.

“Future Crime”, which was shortlisted for the main competition in Cannes this year, made a bold assumption about the transformation of the body in the high-tech future.

The style and consciousness are very bold and avant-garde, and even film critics who have seen it may not be able to accept it. but so what?

Kristen Stewart doesn’t expect viewers to immediately understand every step she’s taking, as long as she knows what she’s doing and will keep going.

Such a confident and free attitude has attracted more people to stop for her.

Graham Fuller’s column in “Sight and Sound” said that Kristen Stewart, who responded to all sensitive issues calmly, was new, cheerful, “as if everyone could fall in love with her”.

This is real.

Remember what the media said about Virginie Viard, the creative director of Chanel, when she took office? Low-key, mysterious, and even embarrassed when he came on stage to thank him at the end of the big show.

But even such a person can’t hide his appreciation for Kristen Stewart, and even gives the evaluation of “the most contemporary female star with Chanel spirit”.

And Kristen Stewart has indeed worked hand in hand with Chanel in the past ten years to build a set of style marks that are difficult to define but self-sufficient:

The thick black all-inclusive thick eyeliner highlights her handsomeness and personality, and it is also very suitable for her casual hairstyle every time she appears.

For example, silk satin that is soft and close to the body prefers tweed or leather that has a sense of weight and can outline the temperament.

She has a superior proportion but does not necessarily have to show her legs every time. She prefers to wear relaxed and comfortable trousers with ease of movement. She has also been put on the red carpet again and again.

Of course, most of the time, she will wear a Chanel Première watch that matches her temperament. The combination of chain strap + square solid color dial is not redundant, but it is exquisite enough.

People who like the Première watch like Xiao K can always understand its goodness in a second.

This is the first watch launched by Chanel. “Première” takes the meaning of “first” and “first” in French. In the field of haute couture, it refers to the chief seamstress in the workshop.

Its birth is indeed the same as “making ladies fall in love with trousers” or breaking the tradition of “female stars wear dresses with high heels”, with a deeper spirit of the times:

Photography of Gabrielle Chanel at the balcony of her suite at the Ritz Paris in 1937. 

Photo Roger Schall © Collection Schall

Remember that in 1987, when Chanel launched the Première watch, the rules of the industry were still set by men. This is true for both movement craftsmanship and exterior design.

At that time, women who had gradually mastered the right to speak in the production work were faced with the only choice of proportionally reducing the style of the men’s watch, or following the needs of the nineteenth century European royal family. The ornamental value is far greater than the practical jewelry watch.

So Chanel took inspiration from the Place Vendôme in Paris and its own N°5 perfume bottle cap to create the octagonal dial nicknamed “Sugar cube”.

But they do not intend to emphasize the scale, because time is boundless, and the simplicity and delicacy of Première also needs this blank to achieve.

Most of the brand’s classic handbags use black leather with a gold chain. This idea is also used in the design of the Première watch, which is why the black and gold interlaced chain strap is now available.

Recently, everyone especially likes to look back on Chanel’s classic shows in the 1980s and 1990s. It is probably that after watching a lot of “crazy flowers and charming eyes”, they miss the beauty that can stand the scrutiny of time.

Ines de la Fressange, 1987. 

Photographer Guy Bourdin

After reviewing the moment, I found out that Première has experienced so many important moments:

In 1987, to coincide with the launch of Première, CHANEL opened two watch boutiques at 40 Avenue Montaigne in Paris and 43 Rue du Rhône in Geneva.

However, the promotion of the watch itself has adopted a non-traditional method, carried by a series of product brochures with a strong brand style.

This method seems simple but very “inspirational”, the copy comes from well-known writers such as Françoise Sagan, Bertrand Poirot-Delpech and Serge Bramly.

« D’une heure à L’autre », Serie for the Première watch press release, 1987.

Photographer Guy Bourdin

The pictures came from the most avant-garde French photographers Daniel Jouanneau, Guy Bourdin and Dan Torres, and the overall design was carried out by Nicole Wisniak, editor-in-chief of Egoïste magazine.

Left: Ines de la Fressange, 1987.

Photographer Dan Torres

Right: Ines de la Fressange, 1987.

Photographer Guy Bourdin

Galeries Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld also personally took the mirror and asked the then Chanel ambassador and aristocratic supermodel Ines de la Fressange to wear and interpret this epoch-making ladies watch.

The result of the strong alliance is that those black and white images still look full of charm after more than 30 years.

Ines de la Fressange, 1987.

Photographer Karl Lagerfeld

By 1990, the Place Vendôme Watch and Fine Jewellery store opened.

Archetypes and works are subtly overlapped here, where the Chanel spirit and Parisian temperament merge in the name of Première.

Time has passed 35 years, and Mr. Shi, who was fortunate to have visited the Basel Watch Fair, also witnessed the breakthrough and transformation of Chanel in the high-end watchmaking industry:

They have already made a tourbillon watch, and also have a self-made high-end movement certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control Bureau (COSC), and even made the movement gear into a hollow camellia shape…

Now that the brand watch and jewelry flagship store at No. 18 Place Vendôme has reopened, Chanel has “recalled” this Première Original Edition watch in a timely manner.

It is still a black dial made of stainless steel, but a new gold-plated technology has been introduced to ensure that the natural wear and tear of the Première Original Edition in daily wear is reduced.

The thickness of the case, the position of the cabochon onyx and the font on the dial have been fine-tuned a little. At the same time, it is equipped with the latest high-precision quartz movement, which makes the timekeeping more convenient and accurate.

In addition to the regular models, Arnaud Chastaingt, the current watch creative studio director, also launched three Première limited models with outstanding styles-

Transforming the Chanel Lady’s Lucky Charm into a watch strap, along with the woven bracelet expanded into five circles and the bold diamond-encrusted version, highlights the brand’s exquisite skills in fine jewelry and watchmaking.

From this you can also see that Chanel has always insisted: 35 years ago, the Première watch allowed women to find the perfect balance between functionality and decoration, so it can also be done 35 years later.

You can certainly wear it alone, as Marine Vacth explained in the French edition of the October cover blockbuster, the Première watch is an elegant landscape in itself.

But the way Margaret Qualley layered it with the Coco Crush bracelet in VOGUE, the two rays of light complement each other, is also feasible.

In fact, every time we see the “Première” on our wrist, it also reflects our inner expectations for ourselves: I will always be the “priority”. This is not selfishness, but a life attitude of daring to be myself.

Because after watching the moon set, the sun rises, and the stars move, we will gradually understand that it is difficult to define ourselves, and we will not allow others to label them rashly.

No one can decide their love, hate and future ahead of time at their blooming age. Even Kristen Stewart, who was born in an acting family and entered the circle early to enjoy the fame and fortune, will be smashed and smashed. Find the right one. direction, an outlet for self-realization.

‍But the way she walks with big strides is so free and easy and so charming that the audience and the directors voluntarily follow.

So there are the so-called “muses” and “actors of the times”, which burn brightly in the wasteland of time that is neither defined nor resistant to definition.

“Some pictures are from the Internet”