Simpler than [Fire Shield], Zhou Yu [God Fire Shield] Lu Xun is not afraid

Q: What is the Fujika Soldier afraid of?

Answer: Afraid of fire.

If the rattan soldiers were not afraid of fire, wouldn’t they be walking sideways, a walking exploit harvester.

Zhou Yu + Sun Jian + Lu Su = Merit Harvester

【Above picture】

Zhou Yu and Sun Jianteng, the armored soldiers, were not afraid of encountering all kinds of teams with fire, and they often broke out in an instant, killing the enemy in seconds, because Zhou Yu’s outbreak was higher than that of Lu Xun.

Full red = invincible

Whiteboard = Slightly inferior, can still wear more.

(Whiteboard Zhou Yu and Sun Jian can also play, but 2-3 red is better)

“It’s even more powerful than the last Lu Xun Fujika soldier”

The Lu Xun Tengjiabing shared by [Wei Aman] last time was also very popular, but only the Liu Bei forces of the “Heroes Script” can play it, so many fans who are not in the Heroes Script can’t try it.

【Recommended by fans】

Fans in District 1271 [Wu Ming, Wu Shi] told Huaxi that there was a big guy in their district who used a Zhou Yu Teng armored soldier to be invincible on the battlefield.

[Master] “Shanhai-Su Zhe” in District 1271

His team “doesn’t need” the shield soldier treasure of Liu Bei’s forces, he can play in the PK season, and he can buy a “Shield Soldier” and let Zhou Yu become an S Shield Soldier.

Therefore, this team is more adaptable than Lu Xun’s “Fire Shield”!

This team won 520,000 battle credits in 6 days, and gained 1.8 million battle credits within 30 days of opening the zone. They only have 35 days in the new season. If they play in one season, they will be able to make 6 million battles.

At the beginning, Huaxi thought he was a krypton gold boss, but after looking at his team, Huaxi found that only this team was full of red, and the other teams were 2-3 red.

It should be a player who “draws the card technology tree”, only Wu Guohong is a few, and the generals of other countries are terrible.

“Sun Jian of many players used to be popular, but then Sun Jian was archived, which is a pity.”

[Log in to his account to view the battle report]

Huaxi logged into his account by scanning the code, and personally operated Zhou Yu to kill the enemy 3 times.

Because “Su Zhe” is a liver emperor, and the team is too strong, his battle report can only be seen within 24 hours. Within 24 hours, he won more than 30 times and played three consecutive kills. The article has a lot of pictures about the number of pictures. Restrictions, the flower mats are integrated and released later.

One: team tactics

Zhou Yu: Capturing the Soul and Taking the Soul + Forming and Machine Strategy

Sun Jian: Rattan Armor + Straw Boat Borrowing Arrows

Lu Su: Sharp Arrow Array + Temporarily avoid its front


The most unusual point of this team is that Zhou Yu brings the “Xingji Military Strategy” strategy, because this strategy is mostly carried by military generals who are both civil and military.

For example, such generals as Yuan Shu, Zhao Yun, Jiang Wei, and Yuan Shao.

However, this team’s military strategy is the core of Zhou Yu’s “Shen Huo Shield”.

2: Why does this team have to lead a military strategy

[Reason] The activation probability is high, and the damage is high.

1: High probability of activation

Zhou Yu’s magic fire strategy has an 80% chance of inflicting 68% strategic attack on the entire enemy after launching an active strategy, and it also adds a burning state, so Zhou Yu’s high-probability instant strategy is the best.

Tactics with a 35% chance to activate:

It can be directly ruled out, because the probability is too low, it may be activated only once in 8 rounds.

Tactics with an activation probability of 40% or more:

Soul capture, wind assisting fire, falling thunder, guarding the lonely city, Yingcheng self-defense, etc., only falling thunder and wind assisting fire bring strategic damage.

For the wind and fire tactics, the first stage only has 154% damage, while the second stage only has an effect if it hits the person with fire. Most of the time, it cannot be triggered, and it is not stable enough.

In contrast, the strategy of “Xingji Military Strategy” stands out. After all, it is a strategy with a 40% probability, with a total damage rate of 390%, which is ridiculously high.

2: high damage

Deals 210% blade damage and 180% strategy damage to a single target, which seems not suitable for generals with low force.

Zhou Yu’s intelligence is not high, but Lu Su will add a certain amount of force to Zhou Yu, and Zhou Yu can increase his own force by seizing the soul.

Therefore, Zhou Yu often reaches 270 force in battle, and his intelligence often fluctuates between 600-800.

Zhou Yu captured the soul twice, plus the attributes given by Lu Su, reaching 388 force and 802 intelligence.


Xingji military strategy hit 5800 damage in one shot.

Even if Soul Capture is not triggered, the 210% force damage is equivalent to the damage of Zhou Yu triggering 2 basic attacks. The damage rate is set here, and it will not be bad.

Zhou Yu’s normal attack damage is also very high, often hitting 5000-8000 damage.

【Meet Lu Xun】


Zhou Yu’s Xingji slightly hit Lu Xun for 5880 damage in one round, and then Shenhuoji hit Lu Xun for 1379 damage, which is equivalent to hitting Lu Xun for 7259 damage in one round.

Therefore, the military strategy of form and machine is the core tactics of Zhou Yumiaoren!

【Book of War】

Zhou Yu: Prosperity + Victory + Wen Tao

Sun Jian: Victory without a fight + perseverance + defense

Lu Su: cherish soldiers and love the people + defensive + defensive

Zhou Yu:

Using the second layer of weapons to increase damage is unstable, while Wen Tao is a stable increase in damage, and victory provides a one-round burst effect. Qi Zhengxiangsheng increases basic attack so that Zhou Yu often hits 6000-8000 damage.

Sun Jian:

Perseverance is very important. When encountering cavalry, the damage is reduced by 15% again. Victory without a fight provides a 10% damage reduction effect when Sun Jian triggers a taunt.

Lu Su:

Increase your own survival.

Three: Team Defense System

“The above mentioned the damage reduction effect of the military book, and the following is the damage reduction effect of the tactics”

The three superpositions of rattan armor, front arrow formation, and temporary avoidance of their fronts provide all-round protection for the team.

Zhou Yu has 90% weapon damage reduction, Sun Jian has 90% strategy damage reduction, and Lu Su also has 74% weapon damage reduction, so you don’t have to be afraid of the chopper style.

“Flow Reduction”

In rounds 3-6, Lu Su restores HP to the military general with the lowest strength, and provides a 30% damage reduction effect. Even if he encounters a high-explosive legal team, he can obtain additional damage reduction effect in time.

for example:

Lu Su was injured a lot, and then Lu Su got a 30% damage reduction effect, 90% weapon damage reduction and 55% strategy damage reduction. In fact, many legal enemies were defeated by Zhou Yu in less than 6 rounds.

The only downside:

Zhou Yu’s strategy damage will increase by 20%, but he can get Lu Su’s attributes in 2 rounds. In addition, Zhou Yu’s IQ is 600-800, which makes him ticklish.

Four: actual combat test

Zhou Yu’s “Shen Huo Shield” encounters a kitchen knife = 99% probability of winning, Lu Bu, Zhang Liao, and Wu Qi can’t beat the Shen Huo Shield.

Since this team is too strong, Huaxi will not put the battle report against the regular team, because it is meaningless.

Only put some traditional restraining rattan armour teams, such as Lu Xun Fire Team, Wei Qi Ban Healing Team, etc.

1: Triple Kill

When Lu Bu met the rattan armor, he could only be killed in seconds.

After encountering two Lu Bu in a row, there is still about 22,000 HP left.

The third time he encountered the arsonist team, he defeated Lu Xun, a man of soldiers, at the cost of losing 4,700 soldiers.

2: Various Cao Cao and Wei cavalry

Although Zhang Liao can lock the main general, but Sun Jian can taunt 2 rounds, so most of the ordinary people are attracted by Sun Jian.

“Xiahou Yuan will do his best seven times, but he will not be able to stop Zhou Yu from breaking out”

Compared with the standard Wei cavalry, Cheng Yu was very restrained by the shield soldiers, but under the influence of Zhou Yu’s five-time military strategy, the Wei cavalry was helpless.

In this battle report, Cheng Yu launched 5 ambush, and Jia Xu launched 6 unpredictable magic, but it was only a draw.

Our Fang Zhou Yu still has half of his blood left!

This kind of Cheng Yu, who only had time to launch an ambush once, hardly lost any troops in the fight.

3: Various fire teams

[Lu Xun + Taiping Taoism + Zhou Yu] Wu Gong

Our Zhou Yu defeated the enemy with half blood, and only lost 4,600 soldiers, and only lost 2,800 after counting the wounded soldiers.

Commander Lv Meng’s bow was done the same way. The enemy set fire many times and had no choice but to use the arrow on our grass boat only once.

[Lu Xun + Lu Su + Cheng Pu] Wu Gun

2 times the shape of the machine defeated Lu Xun strategically, and the enemy had no chance to drag the rhythm at all.

【Three Potential Array Lu Xun】

This is a little more powerful, because Zhuge Liang can interrupt the tactics, reduce Zhou Yu’s output, and interrupt the release of the grass boat borrowed arrows.

“Note that the enemy Lu Xun set fire to 8 times, we did not release the grass boat to borrow arrows, and the enemy only caused 20900 damage to the rattan armor”

Without Zhuge Liang’s three-potential formation Lu Xun, Zhang Chunhua can reduce Zhou Yu’s intelligence by 30%, and hits will affect the output.

【Meat bow Lu Xun】

The disadvantage is tied, but for Fuji Jiabing, this is not a disadvantage.

【Hao Zhao set fire team】

Hao Zhao’s fire is not afraid of borrowing arrows from grass boats, but it is still very simple.

Because our damage reduction is still high in the 3rd round, and the enemy’s next fire will not be released until the 7th-8th round.

[The only one lost by a headshot]

In front of Huaxi, it was said that this team has a disadvantage. Zhou Yu’s strategy damage will be increased by 20%. Therefore, when Lu Su did not increase Zhou Yu’s intelligence, and Zhou Yu did not trigger Soul Capture in the first round, he would be attacked by the law system. head shot.

【The following is a rare situation】

Sun Quan has the state of first attack + break formation,

In addition, Ling Tong and Zhou Tai increased their injuries,

In addition, Zhou Yu’s strategic damage increased by 20%,

There will be a situation where Dangfeng Jue will deal 3000 damage at a time.

However, he continued to trigger the impermanence of the soldiers and hit Zhou Yu again, so the second round instantly caused 7000+ damage to Zhou Yu.

“The above situation is difficult to meet. Under normal circumstances, it is no problem to beat the cavalry.”


When encountering a team of kitchen knives, I often wear more than one.

When encountering a legal team, there are many wins or draws.

When encountering a whiteboard setting fire team, it often wins.

Encountering a team full of red and arson, depends on luck, and it is not recommended to go hard.

It doesn’t matter if you can win, because it is not suitable, and it is more suitable to play a kitchen knife under the same circumstances.

This issue of “Zhou Yu Shenhuo Shield” shared by Huaxi ends here, thank you for watching, see you in the next issue!