Sichuan Yijia: These reasons may be the reasons why the products on the shelves of the small store were rejected

Many newbies were rejected when they launched new products, and the product review failed. At this time, we can check the reasons for the failure and re-adjust it and put it on the shelves again. Next, the editor will tell you about a few common reasons for rejection.

1. The product category and description do not match

This situation is generally caused by the difference between the attributes of the category and the material options on the product details page.

2. Inconsistent shelf life

There is a difference between the shelf life specified by the category attribute and the shelf life on the product packaging. There is also a possibility that the product origin is different or other information is out of sync. This needs to be adjusted by the merchants themselves, and it is guaranteed to be the same.

3. Misplaced category

If the wrong category is selected when uploading the product, it will naturally fail the review, but this will not affect the normal operation of the store.

4. Illegal words

Douyin store is not allowed to appear some sensitive words or prohibited words, such as the first, the most extreme words, high-risk inducement words and other illegal words are not allowed to appear

5. Abnormal other

There is also a case of rejection where no specific reason is given, but an abnormality is shown. The reason for this may be that there is sensitive content in the title or details of the product