Show thousands of worlds with light luxury exhibition

“The 11th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo 2022” will be held at Shengze International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 25th to 27th, 2022.

As Shengze’s fashion partner, Ruili made a stunning debut on this passionate autumn day. For the first time, Ruili entered Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo with a light luxury immersion experience. Through the light luxury product exhibition, it promoted Shengze’s brand development and explored The broader fashion trend contained in Shengze Textile Expo.

In recent years, the influence of “Chinese fabrics look at Shengze” has been continuously improved. Shengze has presented unique industrial advantages in the form of new products, new technologies, new concepts and new ideas. As an important window for the textile industry to show the world, Shengze is also the “Silicon Valley” where countless designers realize their whimsical designs. It has successively won many titles such as “China Silk Capital”, “China Silk Town”, “Textile Capital with the Most Industrial Influence” and so on.

The total exhibition area of ​​this textile expo is over 25,000 square meters, with a total of 600+ booths, and the exhibition scale is the largest in history. In addition to the static display, dynamic business docking, brand ordering, and new retail in previous years, it has also launched a dynamic catwalk, offline and offline live broadcast linkage mode, using digital technology to help the industry, and comprehensively show the fashionable taste of fabrics, which is different. beauty of.

This time, the light luxury exhibition area of ​​Ruili focuses on the display of Chinese light luxury life brands. All participating brands are known for their high quality and modern design, and at the same time display Chinese culture and traditional craftsmanship, which are unique. In the exhibition area, you can experience: light luxury life, green cycling, artistic home furnishing, national trend essence and other products, which integrate modern lifestyle and oriental aesthetics, and pay tribute to the ingenuity of intangible cultural heritage while interpreting the aesthetics of elegant life. Breaking and reshaping the high-end quality of light luxury and the vision of the national tide, the heart of the craftsman is in the hands, and between the meticulous craftsmanship, it shows thousands of worlds.

As a fashion media founded for 27 years, Ruili has created this immersive light luxury theme exhibition with its unique sensitivity to fashion for many years. With cool and fashionable product display, through color, touch, shape, etc., to realize the collision of inspiration and reality, the integration of aesthetics and design, and the integration of life scenes, it perfectly presents a visual feast full of life interest, making people feel It presents a pleasant and smooth interactive experience with objects.