Shoigu made an emergency notification, but the four Western countries ignored it. Who wants to use dirty bombs in Russia and Ukraine?

I told you before that Ukraine’s Defense Minister Shoigu and the defense ministers of the four countries spoke on the phone. The United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Turkey all expressed disdain, saying that Ukraine would not drop dirty bombs. It’s the study of dirty bombs. After Shoigu finished the phone call, the Russian chief of general staff and the chief of general staff of some countries talked on the phone, and this is not the end.

Recently, Russia’s representative to the United Nations launched a vote at the United Nations, saying that Ukraine is going to drop a dirty bomb, it is going to drop a dirty bomb on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield, and it is going to attack Russia. If you want to stop Ukraine from doing this, you need to show evidence. He said that the United States supported Ukrainian-related companies in making dirty bombs. Do you have any evidence? He didn’t show any evidence. In short, he mentioned It must come out to attract the attention of the United Nations.

Of course, Biden also knew this situation. He said a word that Russia was going to use nuclear weapons. The consequences were very serious. He said this repeatedly in this way. Whether or not Ukraine has this, none of these countries that talk to Russia thinks that Ukraine will use dirty bombs.

President Biden said that if Russia is using a dirty bomb, this is a very serious matter and the consequences are very serious. Whether the United States is prepared, we should say that we have seen from these actions of the United States that he is prepared. First of all, he evacuated the overseas Chinese. Many days ago, many overseas Chinese were evacuated from Ukraine. More importantly, it was one of the most important troops of the United States. The 101st Airborne Division immediately dispatched about 4,700 people to Romania. Where are they deployed? , deployed five kilometers from the border between Romania and Ukraine. It should be said that this is the first time the 101st Airborne Division has arrived in Europe after World War II. What does this mean? Can the Airborne Division solve the nuclear threat?

Let me tell you, there are at least 1,000 people in the airborne division. He has all kinds of protective facilities, and he has brought protective facilities, such as anti-chemical and anti-atomic protective facilities, of course, different protective facilities are prepared, and then The entire 4,700 people were transported to Romania and were on standby at all times, so the situation should be said to be very tense now.

We will pay attention in the next few days, because Ukraine has already shown a defeat, and General Surowykin said, now I have to make a difficult decision, what is a difficult decision, whether to withdraw troops or not, this is not a difficult decision, a difficult decision is Whether or not to use nuclear weapons, or whether to use dirty bombs, Surowykin does not have the right to decide. It must be decided by Putin and the highest level.

If Surowykin decides to use dirty bombs in the Kherson region or in a certain area of ​​the front or in a certain area of ​​Ukraine, or even in Kyiv, Surowykin can execute it, he is the highest executor, so he will do Difficult decision, this is what Surowikin has been announcing to the media these days. He said that now I have to make a very difficult decision, and it is such a decision now.