Shise has been weakened by the epic level, will the design be more conservative in the future? What did Yuanshen live in the second year?

Is Genshin Impact a good game? I’m afraid no one can give an accurate answer, but what is certain is that since its launch two years ago, Genshin Impact has been gradually becoming better at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Not long ago, Yuanshen was about to celebrate its 2nd birthday, so what are the things worth remembering in the past year?

Point 1: The appearance of the character has been “epic-level weakened”, and the design will be more conservative in the future?

The reason why Yuanshen can become popular, Dr. X thinks that excellent art design accounts for a very important part, otherwise players will not be keen on the stalks of “Captain Qin’s buttocks, the soul of the Knights”.

However, at the beginning of this year, an official announcement without warning made players instantly fry.

In the announcement, it was announced that the appearance of some characters would be adjusted. Immediately, the character plug-ins of Qin, Amber, Rosalia and Mona were temporarily adjusted for rescue. But it is still unacceptable to many players.

It is foreseeable that the character design of Yuanshen will be more conservative in the future, and it is almost impossible for the image of Gan Yu’s conjoined black silk to appear again. This can be seen from the design of Xumi’s character. The dancer Nilu, who shows her body, will not be presented by “astringency”.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing for games, however. Yuanshen’s age positioning is 12+, but he has been trying to brush the edge on the character image before. The relatively conservative character design may be more conducive to expanding the audience and unifying the style, creating a cleaner and purer game environment.

Highlight 2: Yunjin’s PV drama is out of the circle, and both people and ghosts are creating the second volume

Although Genshin often advertises itself as a brand of “cultural export”, before this year, he has not achieved much success. Until the appearance of Yunjin at the beginning of this year, it can be said that the game atmosphere of “cultural export” has really been pushed to the climax.

In the game, Yun Jin is a master of opera, and also the first dual-seiyuu role in Yuanshen. In addition to the normal voice, Yang Yang, a national first-class actor, is responsible for the dubbing of the drama part. Teacher Yang Yang also sang in Yunjin’s role PV “Goddess Split View”. The transparent and smart singing made many young players feel the charm of traditional culture for the first time.

At present, “Goddess Splitting View” has more than 26 million views on station B and more than 4 million on YouTube. Many foreign players have been planting Chinese operas, and many famous teachers have also joined the ranks of Erchuang, and even Xinhua News Agency , People’s Daily and other leading media also issued articles of praise one after another.

Through the vivid character image of Yunjin, Yuanshen not only burst out with unprecedented vitality, but also a powerful promotion of opera culture.

Highlight 3: Rank the top of the top ten national IP game areas in 2021, and double the number of votes for the second

“The eyes of the masses are sharp”, whether the game is popular or not, it has to be decided by the players. In September 2022, under the guidance of the Copyright Administration of the Central Propaganda Department and hosted by the Joint Conference of the National Copyright Exchange Center, the “2021 National IP” selection event ended. The second-place “Honkai 3” was more than doubled, and the results were gratifying.

You must know that this selection activity does not only look at the number of votes, the organizer will also comprehensively consider various factors to determine the final ranking. For example, “Peace Elite” ranked fourth with only 52W of votes, but was eventually lifted to second. However, this also shows the official recognition of Genshin Impact. If it is not for the obvious performance in the domestic and overseas markets, it is still unknown who will win this honor.

Focus 4: Yuanshen’s linkage is also crazy, and cross-border cooperation is more than 30 times a month!

It is not uncommon to engage in joint activities, but it is rare to have such a joint fire that requires the uncle of the police to maintain order. Genshin seems to have tasted the sweetness since the collaboration with KFC last year and saw the almost crazy enthusiasm of the players. In August and September this year, it launched a cross-border linkage with more than 30 companies in one breath, and the scene is still very popular.

Although it can be seen from the linkage with Pizza Hut that the official has learned from experience and lessons, and adopted the method of online pre-sale in an attempt to reduce the pressure on offline store passenger flow, the effect is really minimal, and each store is still a spectacular scene of people.

Among them, there are also players who wear all kinds of COS clothes to make a living. The battle seems to be no less than a small comic exhibition, and there is even a “stealing plate” stalk for a themed dinner plate.

The most gimmicky is the linkage pain car launched by Cadillac, known as “buy a car and get 2W original stone”. We don’t care what the product is for the time being, the linkage car alone is very worth pondering.

Although the Linkage car brand is not without games, most of them are limited to moving real cars into the game, and this offline original car model is also unique in China. If the final cooperation effect is good, it can be regarded as creating a new business model of “linked large-scale consumption”. Yuanshen may use this to carry out more cross-border cooperation in the future. bingo!

Focus 5: Work with the UFO Club to develop a series of animations, adding another link to “Mihayou Cosmos”

For hardcore Genshin fans, the most exciting news is the animation. In the preview live broadcast of version 3.1 in September, it was officially announced that it would work with the UFO Club to develop the original series of animations. Although no one can say when the animation will be officially launched, it is definitely the creation of “Mihayou” by Yuanshen. an important step in the universe”.

Unlike most other game companies, Mihayou is not satisfied with just being a game content provider, and its plan to build a metaverse has a long history. As early as 2020, Mihayou established its “Anti-Entropy Studio” as a research center, fully involved in the fields of artificial intelligence, Avatar and metaverse hardware. And according to player research, it can also be seen that the “Yuan Shen” and “Honkai” series share the same big world view, and it is very likely that the two will be integrated in content in the future.

As an open-world gameplay, Genshin Impact is just right for the carrier of the Metaverse. If Yuanshen Animation can deliver a beautiful result, then the trend of entering other fields is inevitable, and this will also be the best foundation for creating the “Mi Universe”.

Summary after class:

With the popularity of Yuanshen in the world day by day, not only the quality of its content is gradually rising, but it is not difficult to see Hayou’s ambition to make Yuanshen an all-round top IP. We have reason to believe that Mihayou has this strength, but it will take time to verify how high Yuanshen will reach.