Shenzhou Intelligence Pavilion丨Fantastic new Zhuxian welcomes the golden autumn, and the new play method of spirit beast Xianfu furniture event strikes

After the tiring period of returning from the National Day, fellow Taoists are also looking forward to getting something fresh! This week Mengzhu will usher in an important update, brand new gameplay, spirit beasts, furniture, activities, golden autumn and October, bringing a better gaming experience to fellow Taoists! Let’s take a look at what’s in it!

The fantasy world is synchronized with all servers!

The “Fantasy Fantasy” gameplay, which was previously tried on in the “Love Shaking Nine Heavens” area, will be officially launched on the full server after this maintenance, bringing fellow Taoists to experience the fun of exploring the big world and fighting in space.

Daoists can view the clues of the demon generals from “Strange News” – “Fantasy Tales” in the lower right corner of the main interface, and then follow the clues to explore in the big world, trigger the Fantastic Tales event under special conditions, and go to the dungeon to repel the demon. Will.

The copy of “Fantasy Tales” adds space-dimension battles. Daoists can obtain exclusive space-dimension skills from the game, and use space skills to obtain various effects such as element surfaces, obstacle props, and high and low terrain.

The new mechanism gives the characters more manipulative space, and the strategies inside and outside the battle are richer, allowing fellow Taoists to experience more exciting battles.

The new level 105 spirit beast “Linlang Rat” is here!

Online time: 12:00 on October 24th (next Monday, after the end of the Battle of Destiny)

Linlang Mouse is electricity friendly and has exclusive skills. Daoists whose servers have been open for 375 days and whose character level has reached level 105 can unlock Linlang Mouse and go to the market to get the spirit beast.

Also added at the same time are the “Spirit Beast Arena” skill of Linlang Rat, the biography of the beast, and the special offer for development assistance.

Ps: So, when will 105 rare beasts come out?

Golden autumn activities, enjoy the joy of harvest!

On the occasion of the golden autumn, the Xianmeng invites everyone to climb the mountain, enjoy the autumn, and enjoy the chrysanthemum together. Daoists, come and participate and share the joy of harvest!

“Five Grains”

Event time: After maintenance on 10.20~10.26

Every time you get 100 battle order experience, you can get 1 chance to participate in the event, and you can get points by eliminating elements. The higher the points, the less the rewards. If you reach a certain number of points every day, you can get a daily gift box, and you can also get the accumulated points at different stages. More rewards.

Ps: Daoists who have completed daily tasks and gained battle order experience before the maintenance can also get the opportunity to participate in the event normally.

“The Bandit Attack”

Event time: After maintenance on 10.27~11.2

During the harvest season, the thieves took the opportunity to go down the mountain to fight the autumn wind, and the Xianmeng gathered manpower to resist the attack of the thieves. specific activities

Jinqiuxianfu furniture

In the golden autumn and October, Xianfu is also new! The critically acclaimed marine furniture is now available!

This time, the gallery “Jade Flood Palace”, the table “Mirage Couch”, the table “Rolling Bead Curtain”, the wall decoration “Tide”, the wall decoration “Listening to the Sea”, the house sticker “Smooth sailing”, the room plaque ·The first couplet and the second couplet “Broad Ocean and Sky” series.

There is also a brand-new surface decoration “sandbar”, which is a beautiful thing to play with sand on the beach without traveling far.

Added spiritual beast training props:

In order to improve the experience of spiritual beast cultivation, new spiritual beast food “Preserved Fruit” and “Yaochi Fairy Fruit” will be launched after maintenance on October 20. High-quality preserved fruit can increase the designated qualification of the spirit beast by 5 points, and reduce the random qualification by 3 points. Up to the maximum variation limit for this qualification, up to 15 can be used. The Yaochi fairy fruit can increase the growth qualification of the spirit beast by 0.001 points, up to the upper limit of the variation of the growth qualification, and a maximum of 10 can be used.

The above is the content that will be updated this week, the fantasy world copy, Linlang mouse, golden autumn activities, ocean-themed furniture, new development props, which one is the most interesting to Taoists! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!