Shenzhen’s “Stroke First Aid Map” has covered all districts

October 29, 2022 is the 17th “World Stroke Day”, and this year’s theme is “Recognize stroke one second earlier, save the brain and recover well”. The reporter was informed that as of 2021, Shenzhen has 32 designated hospitals for stroke medical treatment, which has achieved full coverage of the 10 districts (new districts) of the “Stroke Emergency Map”, forming a golden 1-hour circle for stroke treatment in the city.

According to experts from the Department of Neurology of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, stroke, commonly known as “stroke”, is an acute cerebrovascular disease, which is a brain tissue damage caused by sudden rupture of blood vessels in the brain or the inability of blood to flow into the brain due to vascular obstruction. group diseases. Usually divided into two categories: ischemic and hemorrhagic.

It should be noted that stroke does not only occur in the elderly. In recent years, the incidence of stroke in young people has also increased. High blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar, smoking, alcoholism, overweight, unbalanced diet and heart disease are “high risk” factors for stroke.

How should a stroke be recognized? Before a stroke occurs, the body often sends out signals, which are the symptoms of stroke that we can detect. Remember the key points: “1 look, 2 check 0, listen, 3 steps to identify stroke, and quickly dial 120”. If you have symptoms such as bilateral asymmetry of the face, skewed corners of the mouth, unilateral weakness of the arm, slurred speech, difficulty in expression, etc., you must call 120 as soon as possible.

▲ Warning poster for early identification of stroke.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter Zhou Qian