Shenzhen Beidian shared charging treasure to join, to solve the anxiety of electricity use for you

With the advent of the 5G mobile Internet era, smartphones have become a must-have mobile device in people’s lives and penetrate into every aspect of life. Nowadays, when the mobile phone is out of power, people are prone to suffer from power shortage anxiety, and the shared power bank can solve this problem. Shenzhen shared power bank joined, what kind of shared power bank manufacturer to choose?

The prospect of joining the shared charging treasure:

1. Shared power bank can provide great convenience for people’s life. For people who are out of mobile phone battery, shared power bank is a just-needed product to solve the problem of mobile phone charging. With the increase in the rental unit price of shared power banks, franchisees with shared resources have gained considerable profits. Once the shared equipment is rolled out, the income is stable and the maintenance is simple.

2. The shared charging treasure has been iteratively upgraded, which has been greatly improved compared to when it first came out. It has evolved into different products such as shared charging treasure cabinets, shared advertising machines, and shared charging cables. You can borrow a shared power bank here and return it in another place, which is convenient for tenants to use.

3. In playgrounds, exhibitions, hospitals, bars, KTVs and other places, people will stay for a long time, and the frequency of use is higher. The rental unit price of shared power bank is high and the income is stable.

How to generate income?

1. Lost income from charging treasure

Some users may forget to return or lose them due to personal reasons. At present, the cost of lost power banks in the industry is generally around 99 yuan, and a free power bank for shops is about 68 yuan, and the rest of the profit belongs to the agent.

2. Rental income

Shared power banks are also known as short-term rental mobile power sources, and 95% of the main income is from rental income. The current rental price of shared charging treasures is set by the agent, which can set half-hour price and 1-hour price, as well as 24-hour price cap. Most of the current shared charging treasure rental prices are 2 yuan to 4 yuan for half an hour, with a maximum of 30-49 yuan per day.

3. Advertising revenue

There are two main types of advertisements for shared charging treasures, one is the fuselage advertisement, and the other is the shared charging treasure advertising machine with a screen. This kind of income is about 5%. The reason why the income is not high is because of the shared charging treasure. The positioning of the company is the emergency charging service. The fuselage advertisement or the charging treasure advertising machine with a screen needs to have a sufficient number and influence in a certain regional business district before receiving some local advertisements.