Sheep Master: Is yogurt good, and how is its nutritional value?

Historical evidence shows that yogurt has a history of at least 4,500 years as a food. The earliest yogurt may be that the milk packed in sheepskin bags by nomads was naturally fermented by bacteria attached to the bags to become cheese. More than 2000 BC, the ancient Thracians also mastered the production technology of yogurt, and initially used goat milk. Later, yogurt technology was spread to other parts of Europe by the ancient Greeks.

The protein and lactose particles in goat milk are small and the fatty acid chain is short, which is especially suitable for making yogurt. Yogurt made with goat milk is not only nutritious, but also has a delicate taste. Goat milk yogurt is a dairy product made from fresh goat milk or reconstituted goat milk and fermented by lactic acid bacteria. According to the organizational state of the product, it can be divided into solidified yogurt and stirred yogurt.

The fermentation process of set-type yogurt is carried out in the packaging container, so that the finished product retains the curd state due to fermentation. Our country’s traditional glass bottle and porcelain bottled yogurt belong to this type. Stirring yogurt is a semi-fluid product with a certain viscosity made by stirring the fermented curd before or during the filling process, adding (or not adding) fruit, jam, etc.

Many people are concerned about whether yogurt is nutritious and what is the nutritional value? The goat master will tell you that goat yogurt is also a very nutritious liquid milk. Goat yogurt contains galactose, rich in lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus bifidum, and rich in vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.

Goat yogurt can promote the secretion of digestive juice and increase the secretion of gastric acid, thus enhancing digestion and promoting appetite.

Yogurt can not only inhibit the growth of intestinal spoilage bacteria, but also contain active substances that can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol reductase in the body, but also stimulate the body’s immune system. The lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can improve human immunity and enhance disease resistance.

Generally, yogurt is rich in nutritional value, but there are also some so-called yogurt drinks with very low milk content, so pay attention to the ingredient list when choosing yogurt.